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How to avoid a double chin?

Plastic surgeons use a variety of skin procedures to remove a double chin. These treatment procedures include:

  • Face-lift: This skin surgery allows surgeons to remove fat and loose, saggy skin around your chin and neck, fillers for double chin.
  • Liposuction: This plastic surgery process removes fat beneath the skin and sculpts your chin and neck contour. Liposuction typically wants only a local anesthetic to numb the general area.
  • Neck-lift: Different neck-lift treatments can remove extra skin or tighten neck muscles to enhance the contours of your neck and chin. However, doctors often combine a traditional face-lift, which may cause a tight feeling in your neck for several months.

After these double chin procedures, you can expect to experience around 10 to 14 days of bruising and swelling. The general anesthesia used for some surgeries poses severe risks for some people with health conditions. Therefore, smokers and people taking anti-clotting drugs, like warfarin, may also face increased bleeding risk during surgical procedures.

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What causes your Double Chin?

A double chin is extra fat in the submental space. However, this submental fat may accumulate for several reasons. People with a family history of flabby skin or stubborn fat may more likely develop a fatty chin.

Furthermore, age is another factor in fatty chin formation as skin becomes less elastic over some years. It might be challenging to prevent the onset of a heavy chin, but you can reduce it once it is there.

What results can you expect from jaw fillers?

With mild swelling, your results are visible and apparent immediately of fillers for double chin. You can return to your regular doings immediately after jaw filler treatment.

Here is what you can do to ensure that you have the best results:

  • Do not try to cover up post-procedure redness or puffiness with makeup or concealer.
  • Avoid whole strenuous body or facial exercise.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Avoid going out in bright sunlight.

Natural Ways to Decrease Your Double Chin

Getting rid of your heavy chin can begin immediately at home. Active exercising is a natural way to burn fat in your body. Thus, you can gradually eliminate this submental fat by exercising the muscles around your double chin. Of course, you can do these exercises regularly for the best results. Moreover, some of these facial exercises include:

  • Slow neck rotations or rolls
  • Stretching your tongue up and 10-second pauses
  • Press your chin with or without a resistance ball
  • Jutting out your jaw forward and holding it
  • Puckering your lips while slanting your head backward

Moreover, chewing gum regularly can get your jaw muscles in motion, slowly but surely burning that stubborn chin fat. Moreover, regular, full-body exercise will help reduce your lower chin and encourage your body’s overall health as a bonus.

Focusing on your body’s nutritional intake can also help eliminate your double chin. Moreover, consume more vegetables and fruits daily, and avoid processed and fried food and those high in sugar and fat. However, some fats, like omega-3 fatty acids, benefit your skin and overall health. By focusing on your diet, you may lose weight and some of the submental fat responsible for your heavy chin.

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What are the alternatives to jaw fillers?

Jaw fillers for double chin are not for everyone. Based on the result you are hoping to attain, alternatives you may wish to consider include:

  • Botox: Unlike jaw filler, you can use botox to slim down or reduce the appearance of your jaw. Moreover, it will be beneficial for helping to alleviate the pain produced by TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders).
  • Jaw surgery: If you wish for a more permanent result, you may consider surgery for the jawline. However, insurance may cover highly effective jaw surgery and can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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