How to Buy Hats: Types, Styles, & Materials

Types, Styles, & Materials of Hats

Why You Need This Hat Guide?

As hats have regained popularity, terms such as custom trucker hats, bowler, gambler, safari, and others have gained currency. The issue is that individuals aren’t always sure which type they want. Therefore, we frequently hear people saying they want one style of a hat whereas, they’re really talking about the other one. Thus, consider this your crash course in hat styles, crown forms, and material of hat for both men and women. So that, you will be confident enough that you know what you’re talking about!

Before We Begin

It is crucial to know that in the world of fashion, styles are constantly being crossed and new ideas are being explored. Certain styles and names, such as trilby and fedora, have very tiny variances and are now almost interchangeable. Not everyone agrees on a style; even our producers blend certain style names, such as the ones stated above. There are literally hundreds of hat styles. But we’re not going to go into too much detail here because you don’t see these kinds of headwear very often these days.

However, with this guide, you’ll be able to tell everything about headwear. The styles listed here are broad, popular categories that have evolved over time. And that any reputable hat retailer would be familiar with.

Types of Hats

Ball Caps or Baseball Caps

A ball cap is generally defined as having a front-facing brim and panel construction. They are classified into several categories based on how they conform to your head and how they are made. Fitted, snapback, strapback, flexfit, mesh trucker hats, and 5-panel styles are the types of ball caps.

Snapback Hats

Snapbacks first appeared in sports in the 1950s, but their popularity waned as fitted hats became more fashionable. They become popular in the hat-wearing world after the 1980s and 1990s when they exploded in the hip hop movement. You can modify the size of these hats using two plastic parts that snap together at the back in a range of lengths. Usually, they are found on custom trucker hats, baseball caps, and old-school Starter style hats.

Fitted Hats

Purchase the fitted cap in accordance with the size of your dome. You can identify them by the size that matches your head circumference in inches. They are typically normal baseball caps. These are composed of six pieces of triangle clothes along with a fabric-covered button at the top of the headwear called a squatchee.

Mesh Trucker Hats

Truck drivers and farmers were the first to wear trucker hats. Because they were often inexpensive freebies from agricultural companies and are naturally breathable. Therefore, they are ideal for working outside. Mesh trucker hats are often snapbacks. Manufacturers usually use mesh and foam rather than the sweat-magnet known as cotton.

Different Styles of Fashion Hats

Hats are also a fashion staple so, you can show different styles with them. At ApparelnBags you can find different types of fashion caps which include fedoras, buckets, bowlers, and so on. They are generally less informal and go well with a button-down collared shirt or the ’50s. The longer, potentially wraparound brim aids in giving protection from the sun or rain.

Bucket Hats

This style, which became popular during the Vietnam War, is typically made of cotton, twill, polyester, or canvas. It is a soft cap with a broad brim that you can roll and pack easily. Moreover, it has a flat crown on top, a broad floppy brim, and a chinstrap. To store tiny items there are sometimes sewn-in loops around the crown. This hat’s most common brim size varies between 2.5 and 3.5 inches. Freeskiing and snowboarding are the games in which they are gaining popularity. Furthermore, they are excellent headwear for optimal sun protection.


Fedoras, which are typically creased in the center of the crown, feature a medium-sized brim. You can wear your fedora with a variety of casual fashion pieces, including jeans, t-shirts, and shoes. To pull off this style properly, you may need to wear something with a collar, such as a polo shirt or coat.

Bowler or Derby Hats 

Everyone including good or bad wear this style of hat for almost a century throughout the Americas. The difference lies in its narrow brim and low crown. You can style it with a slight tilt to the side.


This is the straw hat you need for a tropical getaway. Panama is usually lightweight and has a straw. The beautiful thing about these caps is that they go with everything. You can wear a linen suit and cream buckskin shoes for a refined Riviera appearance, as well as swim shorts and a Hawaiian shirt for a very relaxed beach look.

Material of Hat

Nowadays, hats come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials. However, they can limit the style of the headwear to some extent.


A common fabric used in the manufacturing of clothes is cotton. You can find it everywhere, including most caps.


Wool is a soft and pliable material. It is also insulating which makes it ideal for hats. Wool is making a resurgence in 5-panel and snapback hats, and it’s also popular in fashion caps.


Acrylic hats have various advantages, including resistance to the sun and moths. Additionally, they are inexpensive and colorfast. For these reasons, it is usually present in every hat style.

In addition to the above-mentioned material, there are some other types of material such as polyester, nylon, straw, metal, and so on.

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