How to Choose a Dissertation Topic?

Although writing a dissertation can seem easy, most students get stuck trying to find the right dissertation topic. This is because developing an apt dissertation topic can seem daunting. There can be several dissertation topics that come to your mind. However, at the same time, none of them can seem plausible for your paper. Moreover, choosing a topic will determine how long it will take to write a dissertation.

For most students, it is a painstaking decision because there is a huge amount of uncertainty surrounding it. They can also take Psychology dissertation help from experts. However, there are certain points that students need to consider while choosing their dissertation topic like:

  • Has the topic been researched adequately?
  • Is the topic worthy enough of investigation?
  • How original is the topic that I am choosing?
  • Is it manageable to the scope of my dissertation?

Apart from these questions that students need to address, other critical factors related to choosing a dissertation topic are:

  • The maximum and minimum word count of your dissertation paper
  • The deadline of your dissertation
  • Do you have a list of topics given to you by your professor?
  • Should your research have a professional or an academic orientation?
  • Do you have any other restrictions on your writing?

After you have answered these questions, follow the tips suggested by Ph.D. scholars below to choose an outstanding dissertation topic easily.

Tips for choosing your dissertation topic

  1. Select that topic that interests you

The first thing you need to do while selecting a dissertation topic is to find a niche that interests you. This is because if you take no interest in your topic, the chances are you cannot produce high-quality work. Thus, it would be best to choose a topic that’s interesting enough for you to work on. For example, maybe you can find a topic that focuses on your subject or area of interest or find a subject present in a different module of your course.

Either way, you will be motivated to write your dissertation if it matches your area of interest. You can also choose a topic that will benefit you later in your career. This will help you develop a greater understanding of your business area and give you an additional brownie point when you write a future job application.

  1. Don’t be afraid to choose something different

While it is important to choose a topic that interests you, it is equally important to choose a unique topic. This allows you to conduct your own research and develop your own conclusions about your topic. Unfortunately, it can be tough to find a unique topic. However, you can try to find a topic already researched from a different angle.

Or maybe you can also develop a topic that is a subpart of another broader topic. However, refrain from choosing a vague topic that doesn’t have relevant content.

  1. Search for articles and books

One good idea to develop your topic is by searching for studies or journals that are related to your field. You can also search for the most-cited articles to have enough facts to back up your data. In addition, you can search for sources from places like Google Scholar, online databases related to your field, or even government-backed educational websites.

If you want to delve further, you can look up the various citations these publications will have. This will help you find more useful sources. Then, as you read through them, try to find specific ideas that interest you and make a list of all plausible topics that you can use.

  1. Find a definite niche

After you have carried out some research, it’s time to narrow down your ideas. This is a gradual process, and you should try to make your topic as specific as possible. Moreover, try to find particular niches that have not been researched thoroughly.

This will allow you to present your findings, and if your paper gets accepted into your field of study as an original and informative one, it can get published across major sites.

  1. Consider your research type

There are different types of research that you can carry out related to your dissertation topic. Thus, it can be a good idea to think about what type of approach you will be undertaking. What will be the focus?

  • Collecting different original data
  • Analyzing existing data sources
  • Interpreting cultural objects like films, paintings, novels, etc.
  • Comparing different types of scholarly approaches

Sometimes your dissertation will combine these types of data. You don’t yet have to finalize your methods and research design yet. However, the type of research you choose will influence the different aspects of your topic that you will have to address.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that collecting data will take a huge amount of time. Thus, if you don’t have a lot of time on your hand, it can be wise to analyze existing data from different sources.

  1. Determine the relevance of your topic

While it’s important to ensure that your topic is interesting to you, you will have to make sure that it’s practically, socially, or academically relevant.

  • Academic relevance means that your research work can fill a gap in your area of study
  • Social relevance means that your research can benefit our current understanding of our society
  • Practical relevance means that your research can be applied to solve real-life problems

The best way to make sure that your research work is relevant is by choosing a topic connected to our current debates or issues. This can either be related to our society or the different academic disciplines. This relevance has to be stated when we define our research problem.

  1. Make sure that your topic is plausible

Before you make any final decision on your topic, you must consider various aspects of it. Some critical points to keep in mind while considering your topic are:

  • The length of your dissertation paper
  • The deadline for your submission
  • The practicalities in conducting your research
  • The relevance to your area of study
  • The sources you have to gather your data from

Ask yourself questions like the efforts you will need to put in to find out data for your paper, the funding you have for carrying out your research like traveling to different places, or if you will have read all the available information present on your topic.

To stay motivated with your dissertation, you must choose a topic that you are enthusiastic about.

Final thoughts

Choosing a dissertation topic can be hard. After all, this is the one chance you have to engage your reader and get them interested enough to read through your entire paper. However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, then choosing a topic can be a simple and easy process.

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