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How to choose interior doors: design tips

If you decide to make a large-scale renovation in the apartment or limited yourself to updating one room, you will probably think about replacing the door leaf with a more modern one. But choosing an interior door is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The market for internal doors like Edwardian doors is diverse and it is easy to make a mistake by choosing an inappropriate design or a short-lived model.

Our article contains expert advice on how to choose the right interior doors for your apartment. The conclusions are based on our own experience in the sale of door structures, the study of customer requests, their feedback on models and collections.

After reading this article, you will know for sure: how to choose a door set, what to be guided by when choosing, and you will be able to successfully advise friends and acquaintances, helping them to buy the best interior doors.

What should be the “ideal” doors?

The main rule of choice is: all doors in the apartment should be the same in design (they may differ only in glass) and be combined with the general style of the interior. But depending on where the installation is planned, the door kit must have certain properties.

We began to find out what our customers base their choice of doors on, which qualities are paramount for them and which are secondary, and conducted a special survey (we will be glad if you also take part in our future research). In general, the results varied, but there were few options for the qualities themselves, we arranged them in order of importance:

  • design;
  • price;
  • reliability-durability-quality;
  • resistance to extreme loads, safety (animals or naughty children in the house);
  • easy of use and comfort;
  • easy of care.

It is by these criteria that about 90% of all customers make their choice. And since all doors in an apartment are usually the same, these characteristics are important for all doors in an apartment. But if you ask similar questions to a professional, asking him what properties interior doors should have, he will certainly clarify: where is the installation planned? Indeed, different rooms have their own requirements for the door structure.

A few tips for choosing interior doors to a specific room

  • the doors to the living room should let in a lot of light and open without obstructing the passage, without obscuring interior items, etc., since they are usually open;
  • canvases in the bedroom should provide maximum sound and light insulation, the possibility of privacy (there must be a lock);
  • door kits for the kitchen should be odor-proof, easy to maintain and have a moisture-resistant design;
  • doors to the nursery should primarily provide sound insulation, security and anti-vandal protection;
  • door leafs to the bathroom and toilet must be moisture resistant with the ability to close;
  • door blocks for a personal office should have good sound insulation, be locked from the inside and outside.
  • According to the survey, our customers have the most minimal requirements for wardrobe or pantry doors – they should simply perform a direct function (close / open).

How to choose doors by design?

Manufacturers of interior doors quickly respond to changing design preferences of customers by releasing new collections with new stylistic solutions. And in general, Russian and Belarusian manufacturers do it quite well. The assortment of domestic factories is enough to completely cover the needs of the market, and only a few who are financially able to purchase the doors of Italian masters.

Upon closer acquaintance with the range of interior doors, you will be amazed at the huge number of options. Each manufacturer has many models, each of which can be of any color, from a huge palette. Another order to the number of options adds a considerable selection of glasses and decorative design of openings. Choosing what you need without making stylistic mistakes is not an easy task for the average person.

To facilitate the task of choosing, let’s try to classify the main directions in door design. Perhaps this will help you choose the right option.

Smooth doors

Depending on the finishing material, or rather on the surface pattern, such doors can be matched to any interior, from classic to high-tech. But basically, such doors are installed in modern interiors to emphasize the conciseness and minimalism of the design, simple shapes and maximum free space.

Techno style doors

In the design, narrow transverse and longitudinal glass, parallel lines, often canvases alternate wood and glass of the same width. Such doors can be matched to almost all modern interior styles, as well as fusion, loft and Japanese style.

The design of the door leaf is usually collapsible (tsargovaya), the crossbars are connected to the sidewalls with ties, if the glass breaks or something breaks, this element can be replaced. If the design of such doors is approximately the same, then according to the finishing materials, you can choose: eco-veneer (synthetic material) or natural veneer.

Doors with eco-veneer lining are cheaper than veneered ones, their construction is lighter – it has more cavities, the outer layer of MDF is thinner.

Veneered doors have a higher cost, and this is due not only to expensive natural finishing materials. Their construction is generally more solid, they are heavier and stronger than their cheaper counterparts.

Modern doors

Modern doors with panels of different shapes, and they can be of any irregular shape. Such doors are suitable for modern interiors and modern style – rounded shapes, smooth lines, rounded edges, natural finishing material. Basically, these doors are covered with natural veneer.

Triplex glass

Molded doors – doors with glass in the entire height of the canvas (one or two narrow, or one wide). Glass is usually triplex – a three-layer, very durable glass that can withstand any household load. On wide glasses there are often drawings applied by different technologies (chemical etching, engraving, nanopaints, etc.). They are also decorated with rhinestones and fusing.

For facing the wooden parts of the door structure, natural veneer or enamel is used. Depending on the shape of the glass, its color and pattern. As well as the type of veneer, doors with a similar design can be matched to many modern interiors.

High tech

There are only right angles and lines in the design, only metal moldings and glass from decorations, a minimum of everything superfluous. If there is glass, then in the same plane with the canvas. The doors are installed in the same plane with the platbands, hidden hinges are used for this, the platbands are only flat and straight. Suitable for ultra-modern interiors.


Designs with two and three panels are the most popular options. Panels can be of any shape, from a rectangle to an oval, sometimes they are replaced with glass. Panels and glass can frame a baguette or glazing beads. From small and inconspicuous to large and convex, multi-stage.

Doors with 4 panels are very popular now, this is the so-called “cross”. Paneled doors are mainly made entirely of solid wood, or cheap solid wood inside, and expensive veneer on the outside. A variety of classic doors, which is now very popular, differs from the usual classics in that they are covered with opaque enamel.

The color can be not only white, shades of beige and milky are often used. Specifically, white doors can be matched to modern interiors, complementing the composition with white skirting boards and moldings. Often, patina is applied to such doors. The effect of antiquity is used by designers in interiors in the style of loft, country, Provence, classic, grunge.

Source: secure-house.co.uk

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