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How to Choose Rug – A Simple Guide to Residential Rug Textures and Styles.

Everyone wants their home to look the most beautiful and different. Not only the exterior of the house but the interior should also be beautiful. You can use door mats to keep the house clean and tidy. Here we are going to tell you about some stylish look High Quality Rugs. You can use these rugs to give a beautiful look to your home. Rugs with different designs and patterns will be available in this. All these are available here at affordable prices. The material of these rugs is also of high quality which will not spoil quickly. This will make the interior of your home look very attractive.

Figuring out what rug texture is good for your area is essential. It is vital to think about what variety of visitors the space will receive, and how much coziness you desire.  Do you want to know more about rug textures? Then, check out our blog for the most used textures for rugs. 


The most frequent texture used for floor matting is wool. The reason is that wool is too soft and durable. 

Why we love it: Strong, top stain and water repellence, superb insulating properties; comfortable underfoot

Things to consider: Not appropriate for damp locations as it absorbs humidity; concern to fading; some shedding can also take place however will reduce with time

Best for: Living rooms, eating rooms, high-traffic area


Silk rugs are admirable due to their softness and refined sheen.

Why we love it: Very gentle and luxurious feel; finer important points than wool

Things to consider: However, requires expert cleaning; can exhibit footprints

Best for: Bedrooms, low-traffic areas


It is used to make flat-weave floor matting such as dhurries and kilims.

Why we love it: Generally extra inexpensive than wool or silk; effortless to clean

Things to consider: Doesn’t usually put on properly over lengthy intervals of time

Best for: Kitchens, children’s rooms, informal spaces


Durable, natural grasses and different fibers mix neutral, earthy palettes and prosperous textures, making them the closing plan chameleons.

Why we love it: Very strong, renewable, but free from chemical processing

Things to consider: Some sorts can be coarse and hard to clean

Best for: Living rooms, high-traffic and sunny areas


However, it is available as whole hides, stitched panels, or woven strips of tanned leather.

Why we love it: Both smooth and durable, special pieces (especially hides); typically effortless to clean

Things to consider: But, not awesome for damp or humid areas

Best for: Bedrooms, offices, dens, low-traffic areas


Man-made fibers include viscose, nylon, and polypropylene. However, they have been expanded over the years to mimic the traits of natural fibers.

Why we love it: Easy to clean, family-friendly, can be used in damp environments, many sorts can be used outdoors

Things to consider: Doesn’t usually feel luxurious

Best for: Hallways, outside (note: not all artificial rugs are appropriate for out-of-door use), high-traffic and sunny areas

How to choose the Right Rug Style 

However, choosing a rug style is one of the important steps. There are three styles you will come across when you are looking out for the ideal ground piece: traditional or contemporary. 

Traditional Rug-

They add a formal look to a room, bringing a feeling of coziness with sophistication.

Is a Traditional Rug Right for Me?

Take some time to seem around your home and decide if your style would fit nicely with a regular rug. However, this floor matting can be a superb way to unify your area and make it complete.

 Contemporary Rug

A contemporary rug is a piece of artwork all on its own. However, this rug style can be as special as the person who purchases it. 

Is a Contemporary Rug Right for Me?

What are you attempting to say with the space? How do you favor to experience when you enter? Answering these questions can help you figure out which style is proper for you. 

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