How to choose the best wheel loader bucket?

Do you get bothered by the wrong attachment of your equipment? It is a very common problem in the construction industry. Construction contractors often choose the misfit equipment attachments that ultimately decline the productivity and efficiency of the machine. 

Construction machinery, on the job site, makes the worker’s life easier. They get enough help from these machines in doing heavy-duty jobs in real quick time. As time passes, these machines are getting advanced. Now, several machines are present in the market which are multi-tasking. You can change their certain part and fit another attachment and BOOM; your machine is ready for another task.

In this article, we are going to discuss some useful life-saving tips with you about choosing the right bucket for your used wheeled loader

What are the types of wheel loader buckets?

Before going to the tip for choosing the right bucket for your wheel loader, first, understand the types of them. Once you get familiar with the types and their features, you would be more easily choose the right one for your equipment.

Below are the 5 most commonly used buckets listed along with their uses.

  • Bucket for general purpose

The most common type of bucket, you can use to handle the maximum heavy loads and move them around. They are multi-tasking and more efficient.

  • Bucket for light material

You can use these buckets to carry loosely packed and lighter weights like woodchips, snow, coal, etc.

  • Bucket for multipurpose

These buckets can handle several tasks. The wheel loader with a multipurpose bucket is best option for different applications such as material handling, dozing, back dragging, excavating, etc.

  • Bucket for Rock

You can carry the hard materials like a rock in these buckets including concrete, demolished building debris, road material, etc.

  • Bucket for woodchip

The woodchips are a very lightweight material. This bucket is specially designed to carry them with ease and they can be the best fit for farming, agricultural, and forestry projects.

Useful tips to choose a right-wheel loader bucket

  • The manual provided by the equipment manufacturer has all the detailed information about the bucket attachment and requirements. Read and understand that document.
  • Know about the specification of the bucket, their application, uses, and the nature of the project you are going to work on.
  • Examine the maximum capacity of the bucket for carrying the load and then analyze your material weight. Compare them before choosing.
  • If you are going to work on more than two materials then choose the multipurpose bucket, it will help you a lot.
  • The lightweight material bucket is a good choice if you have a bunch of materials that have low-weight. These buckets are larger and carry your maximum loads at once.
  • Do not overburden the bucket as it may reduce the efficiency of your equipment.


Choosing the right bucket attachment for your used wheeled loader is extremely important to get maximum productivity from equipment. Here, in this article, we have discussed the types of buckets used for the wheeled loader and some useful tips to choose the right one based on your project nature. You can read them and be mindful enough before choosing the one.

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