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How to choose the right air conditioner?

When it comes to air conditioners, there are various factors to take into consideration before choosing the right one for your home or office. Some of these factors are the size of the room, the climatic conditions, and the usage requirement. You will also have to take into consideration the different types of air conditioners.


It is important to choose an air conditioner with the right capacity so that it can cool the room efficiently. The larger the area that needs to be cooled, the higher the capacity of the air conditioner needed.

If you need to keep the ac on for longer periods of time, say 9-12 hours in a day, then you will need an ac with a higher capacity. If you need to use the ac for 4-6 hours a day, then a lower capacity air conditioner will do just fine.

Here’s a size chart for area and tonnage–

Less than 90 sq feet
90 – 130 sq feet
130 – 200 sq feet
200 – 300 sq feet
0.75 Tons
1 Ton
1.5 Tons
2 Tons

If the room is less than 90 sq feet, then even an air conditioner of less than 0.75 tons will be enough. For a room between 90 and 130 sq feet, a 1 ton ac shall suffice. A 1.5 tons air conditioner is ideal for a room between 130-200 sq feet. If the room or cooling area is any bigger, then it needs a 2 ton ac for effective cooling across the room.

Window Ac Vs Split Ac

Generally split A/cs are more energy-efficient than window acs. Split A/cs also cool the room more efficiently. Compared to window A/cs, split A/cs make very little noise. They are also more aesthetic.

Window A/cs are less expensive as compared to split A/cs. They are also easier to install, and easier to maintain.

So which one is better window or split ac? Well, it all depends on your needs.


The air conditioner refrigerant is responsible for cooling the room. We all know that air conditioners are contributing in a major way to global warming. However, in recent times, more eco-friendly refrigerants are being used in Acs. As you can see in the table below, the R290 and R600A have the least negative impact on global warming.

Refrigerants Global warming potential
R410A 2088
R22 1810
R134A 1430
R32 675
R290 3
R600A 3

Air Conditioner Coil

There are mainly two types of coils used in air conditioners – copper coils and aluminium coils. Copper coils transfer heat more efficiently, they also have better durability and are easy to maintain. Aluminium coils have lower heat transfer capability, are not as durable, and are difficult to clean and maintain.

Inverter Or Non-Inverter Ac

You will have the option of choosing between an inverter ac and a non-inverter ac. Inverter air conditioners are more energy-efficient compared to non-inverter air conditioners. They also make less noise while operating and are more durable. Non-Inverter air conditioners are less expensive and cool the room faster.

Choosing between the also depends on the temperature and humidity levels of that particular place.

The kind of air conditioner you choose depends on factors such as the climate in your area, the size of the room, and the usage requirement. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned points will definitely help you choose the right type of air conditioner that best suit your needs.

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