How To Claim For A Personal Injury Compensation

Had a personal injury? Or want to know how much compensation you can claim after an injury? Then you are on the right page. Being aware of the compensation amount you can claim is a wise decision.

Here we will tell you the process of claiming compensation for personal injury and how much you can claim. For detailed information and guidance, you can also reach out to us for the best Personal Injury Claims in Scotland at any time. Our expert professionals will do their best to solve your issues.

There are different types of personal injury actions which vary from Road Accident to Medical Negligence but the general rule is the same for all. Some factors influence how your compensation will be calculated. Because of these factors calculations could be a little difficult. However, you can still figure out the amount nearby.

Calculation of Personal Injury Claim

Your compensation amount is directly proportional to the extent of your injury. In simple words, the more severe your injury is the higher the compensation amount you can receive.

For example, a mild fracture won’t receive the equal amount as a brain injury. The injury solicitor calculates the approximate amount based on the severity of your injury and any mental or emotional effects after that injury. Going through the given personal injury compensation you will get a basic idea of how you can calculate a rough estimation of your injury claim.

Various Types Of Personal Injury Compensation

General Damages

General Damages are the injuries that connect to the pain and suffering of an individual. There is a kind of ‘price list’ that has been created by the legal system which is used as a kind of reference while calculating compensation for various kinds of injuries and diseases.

 Loss of Earning Claim 

The law of the United Kingdom has been articulated in such a way that if an injured person cannot resume work due to the injury, they can request damages as a way of being reimbursed for the loss of income.

Generally, injury solicitors consult with medical experts so they can determine the amount of time that their clients would need to heal from the injury and how long before they would be able to get back to work. According to this time, both during the pendency of the case as well as after, an amount is proposed in the court as reasonable compensation that should be provided.

Extremely High Expenses ( ‘Out-Of-Pocket’)

Any expense that is made while the process of getting the injuries taken care of. This means any kind of transportation costs, additional living costs, and further incidentals included in addressing the injury will be considered out-of-pocket expenses.

Services Compensation

The services compensation is provided to the people who have been severely injured and need extra care by any professional service for their supervision. There have been cases in which, the service compensation is even given to family members who are taking care of the needs of the person who has been in the mishap.

Loss of Society

This type of compensation is only applicable in cases where people have lost a spouse, a child, or a parent.

If a mishap person had to see the death of a close family member, the other members of the family could ask for a specific sum as compensation for this loss. This amount claimed is also estimated using a particular formula by the solicitors.

Loss of Support

In case a family member who used to earn for the family dies, the rest of the family may request compensation as a way of repayment for their loss of financial support. Let us take an example, if a man who is the only earner in the family dies, family members could ask for compensation under this type.

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