How to clean a shaggy rug like a pro

Long-haired rugs are a very fashionable decoration element. Not only do they warm the floor, but they also create a very cozy atmosphere in the home and are great in large rooms such as the living room or the main room. Of course, they require specific care different from short-pile rugs or jute rugs. Knowing how to clean a shaggy rug is essential to keeping it beautiful for longer and keeping its warmth and texture(rug cleaning).

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With cleaning a deep-pile rug, there are two different ways to leave it spotless. The most recommended is dry cleaning, although if your long-haired carpet is white or any other light color, it is normal for the stains to be more noticeable. For this reason, it is also possible to clean high-pile carpets with water.

 Dry clean a high-pile rug

Dry cleaning is more routine and allows the carpet to be free of mites and dust and keeps it looking new for longer. To proceed with the dry cleaning of a long-haired carpet, you must follow a series of steps:

  1. We must remove dust first. It is recommended to use a broom and not a vacuum cleaner for two reasons: the first is that the vacuum cleaner can damage the hair and, the second, is that a broom will allow us to remove the dust from the less accessible areas for the vacuum cleaner. Once the carpet is swept, and if you have the possibility to do it, hang it outside to shake it and let it get some air.
  2. Then we apply baking soda spread throughout the carpet, leaving it to act for a few hours. This product, besides cleaning, makes the colors of the long-haired rug shine again.
  3. Several hours later, the bicarbonate must be removed and the most practical way is to do it with the help of a soft brush. This will remove grease and particles that have come off the carpet. Afterward, it is advisable to shake it again, to remove any remaining product, and hang it in the air.

Although professional cleaning a high-pile carpet dry is more exhausting, because it takes several days and is done by hand, the result is brilliant. Your carpet will have a much longer useful life and will look like the first day.

 Cleaning a high-pile carpet with water

If you have small children at home or you have made a meeting with friends, it is possible that your long-haired carpet has been the victim of some other stain. If dry cleaning doesn’t come off, don’t panic.

Long-pile rugs can also be cleaned with water so that all stains are removed:

  1. First, it is necessary to sweep it and hang it up, so that after it has aired for a couple of hours, submerge it in lukewarm water. Of course, we must avoid soaking it excessively since moisture could accumulate between the fibers.
  2. Ammonia and mild soap are then added and we leave a couple of hours for these products to act on the stains.
  3. Finally, the carpet is rinsed, removing the remains of dirt and soap. Once free of residue, it is allowed to dry in the open air and if it is white, we can expose it to sunlight to lighten it.

Once we know how to clean a long-haired rug dry and with water, we remind you of some precautions that you must consider when treating the rug.

It is really important to know the materials that make it up because if the right products are not used, they can damage it during cleaning. In addition, if we want to guarantee the cleaning of the stain, we must be as fast as possible as soon as it occurs, since the drier it is, the more tricky it is to remove it.

As we have just seen, cleaning a deep-pile rug can be an exhausting and time-consuming job. It is a task that can even take several days to really look like new, but the work will be rewarded. We recommend seeking professional service if time won’t allow you to cover all these steps because of your busy life.

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