How to clean porcelain floors?

Porcelain flooring has become a common covering in contemporary homes, thanks to its versatility of uses, its attractiveness, and its easy maintenance. Cleaning porcelain floors is simple, since the material we make them off is very non-porous, ensuring that, with proper maintenance, it remains as shiny as the first day. When cleaning porcelain floors, we must take two important cleaning factors into account(Floor cleaning).

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 The first porcelain floor cleaning after its installation

When porcelain flooring is installed, it may have some stains or discoloration that affect its true tone. These stains appear because of residues of lime, cement, or mortar. It is very important to remove these stains in time, to prevent them from becoming embedded and damaging the final finish of the floor.

To remove these stains, it will not be necessary to use chemical detergents. In fact, we advise against the use of ammonia since it could dull the stained area. We also do not recommend using coarse or metallic scouring pads to scrape up stains, as these could scratch the new floor.

To clean porcelain flooring, you will only need warm water and a mop. If there are residues on the joints of the plates, we can remove these with a toothbrush.

After the first cleaning focused on complicated stains, a second pass will have to be made, incorporating a cleaning product for porcelain floors recommended by the manufacturer and a soft-bristled brush. From SCS Group, we recommend using the cleaner in a small amount and, after applying it, scrub the surface again with lukewarm water to rinse. Cleaning products for porcelain floors are usually very soapy, so if you use them in excess, they will leave a sticky feel on the floor.

To the question of how to clean wood-effect porcelain floors, the answer is very simple. First, we should use no type of varnish or wax for cleaning, since the floor is not made of wood. After installation, it is best to use the porcelain floor cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer or installer. There is a wide variety of specific products on the market for porcelain floors that imitate wood.

 Maintenance and cleaning of porcelain floors

 Daily cleaning of porcelain floors

Daily cleaning of porcelain floors is a quick and simple task. First, we must remove the dust with a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. We advise against using brooms to clean porcelain floors, as they usually have very hard bristles that could scratch the surface.

 Weekly porcelain floor cleaning

Once a week, or when the floor requires it, we should scrub the floor with a neutral pH soap. The best way to take advantage of this product is by adding a third of soap for every liter of water. The way to apply it is with a well-wrung cotton mop.

 Remove stubborn stains on porcelain floors

For complicated stains, you can use apple cider vinegar diluted in water and apply it with a mop or cotton cloth. The acidity of the vinegar removes the remains of dirt without damaging the surface of the porcelain floor. Once the stain has been removed, we recommend you ventilate the room well so that the smell evaporates.

If dirt has become embedded in the tile joints, you can use a mixture of three parts water and one part potash. We can rub this mixture with a toothbrush and, once the dirt has been removed, it is only necessary to rinse well with water and dry the surface with a clean cloth.

 How to clean rough or non-slip porcelain floor

The first step will be to vacuum it. Once the dust has been removed, the specific rough or non-slip porcelain floor cleaning product is applied with a thick and wide brush. For this type of floor, you can also use a microfiber mop, as they absorb dirt very well.

 Cleaning matt or black porcelain floors

For a matte or black porcelain floor to look impeccable and without traces, it is best to apply a slightly soapy neutral gel. The special feature of this type of product is that it generates very little foam, which facilitates its rising and results on dark surfaces. Once scrubbed, it is rinsed with lukewarm water and the entire floor is dried with a mop to achieve polishing.

With these indications, you will maintain your porcelain floor. But if what you are looking for is a professional result, without a doubt the best thing is that you delegate this task to the hands of experts like us. At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we have a special floor treatment service. You just have to request a quote and you can enjoy a shiny floor.

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