How to clean vinyl flooring

In recent years, this type of flooring has become popular, and we have extended its installation to offices, establishments, and even homes. It is a type of flooring that is very easy to install, hence its great reception. For this reason, given that more and more places have this material, we want to show you how to clean vinyl flooring to keep it as perfect as the first day.

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 Why is vinyl flooring so popular?

Before discussing the best cleaning techniques, we tell you what vinyl flooring is and what are the reasons you should do it.

Let’s start with its origins, which date back to the 1950s, although it did not become popular until the 1970s. It began as one more option and, over the years, has evolved both in shape and properties, and aesthetics, reaching to become today one of the most popular options when choosing the floor.

Vinyl flooring is a type of flooring characterized by a polymer core made from polyvinyl chloride, or what we commonly know as PVC. The surface usually imitates the appearance of natural stone or wood, from textile fabrics or decorative paper.

 Advantages of vinyl flooring

It has become very popular, but for what reason? The characteristics of vinyl flooring are practically all advantages in themselves. And that is why every day more people decide to install vinyl floors in their homes, establishments, or offices.

  • If we have to mention the main characteristic of this floor is its great useful life and its excellent durability. Their composition makes them resistant to bumps, scratches, or cracks.
  • It is very easy to install and does not require grouting.
  • It is a surface that is easily cleaned. Something essential for any floor.
  • It is a waterproof pavement and withstands humidity very well. That is why it is an ideal option for bathrooms, kitchens, and poorly lit areas.
  • It is a very versatile option, and there are many designs. It adapts to all tastes and the needs of practically any room.

 How to clean vinyl flooring

Now that we know why everyone is installing it in any room, let’s get down to the important stuff: how to clean vinyl flooring. We already commented that it is not a complicated task but we are going to talk about what is the correct method.

Day to day

We recommend cleaning vinyl flooring regularly to remove dust with a brush or vacuum cleaner. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and helps keep the material like on the first day.

Deep cleaning

It is advisable to accompany the daily cleaning with a more thorough cleaning, which can be done once a week. With a damp mop and a neutral detergent, we will remove the dirt completely.

How do you clean stains?

In case of spilling any liquid or product that causes a stain on the vinyl floor, it is advisable to treat it immediately. It is advisable to use a cloth, preferably nylon, and neutral detergent to rinse with cold water afterward.

 Vinyl floor cleaning products

The most common is to talk about what products to use for clean vinyl flooring, but as we have already mentioned, a neutral detergent is enough. Here, we want to talk to you about what products we do not use for clean vinyl flooring and thus protect it from abrasions and corrosive effects. We should avoid products containing the following ingredients:

  • abrasive powders
  • black soap
  • Solvents or acetone
  • Varnishes or waxes
  • oil base
  • steam cleaners

 Extra maintenance tips

And here are some extra tips for proper vinyl floor maintenance courtesy of SCS Group Cleaning:

  • Prevent vinyl flooring from scuffing by placing pads or protectors on chair legs and under heavy furniture.
  • To avoid leaving marks, avoid rubber materials coming into direct contact with the ground.
  • Put mats at the entrance to prevent dirt and dust from outside.
  • Use mild and neutral detergents.
  • If you have heat sources such as stoves or fireplaces, keep them off the ground to prevent them from becoming unstuck or deformed.

Now you know in-depth one of the most requested options for floors. Although it is easy to clean, it is always advisable to do general cleaning in all rooms. We know it is a complicated task and that it takes time. That is why it is always better to leave them in the hands of professionals. At SCS Group Cleaning, Solution, we are experts in any type of cleaning and we will be happy to take care of the maintenance of your floors, either in your home or in your business.

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