How to clean white marble? The tricks of the cleaning experts

White marble is one of the most chosen materials for bathrooms and kitchens.

White marble is one of the most chosen materials for bathrooms and kitchens. The elegance and minimalism that it brings to rooms have made it one of the preferred options for decorators. To maintain it, it is necessary to know how to clean white marble. In this way, you will preserve its brightness and whiteness for longer.

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At SCS Group Cleaning, Solution, we have expert professionals in cleaning and caring for a multitude of surfaces. Each material has its peculiarities, so we recommend you contact the marble supplier to confirm the care.

 How to clean white marble

Step 1: Clean the entire surface and remove the first layer of dirt with a cloth dampened with warm water. Dry all the white marble before continuing to the next step.

Step 2: with neutral soap and warm water, clean the entire area to remove the most embedded dirt. If you have soap residue, remove it with a little water and dry the material.

Step 3: choose the intensive product recommended by the manufacturer of the surface, to achieve a good result and protect the white marble. It is time to stop at difficult stains, dampness, and joints,

Step 4: it is advisable to polish the marble two or three times a year to recover its characteristic shine. To do this, use oxalic acid polishes, cloth, and gloves.

Products to clean white marble

Warm water

To clean surface dirt or remove dust, simply dampen a microfiber cloth with warm water. It is important that you dry residual moisture with a dry cloth or absorbent paper. This last step is very important, as it will prevent the material from absorbing water and ending up darkening or oxidizing. To clean the joints of white marble or finish with yellowish stains, resort to more specialized products and techniques.

Neutral soap

If you need to know how to clean very dirty white marble, a neutral soap will give you the answer. To apply it, use a container with warm water and a neutral pH soap. This type of product will remove dirt from white marble without damaging the natural stone. Apply only a couple of drops of product on the surface to avoid leaving a residue that dulls the marble.


An intense shine characterized white marble. To nuance this effect, we will have to clean the material with hydrogen peroxide and cold water in a ratio of 1/3. But beware! Avoid applying the excess liquid directly to the marble, as this could cause stains. Help yourself with a cloth to use the mixture evenly.

Special cleaning products

There are many specific products for cleaning this material. These will give you a clean and shiny finish while protecting and maintaining the surface. Most often, there is a product for each task: cleaning old white marble, cleaning white marble rust, etc. We recommend using professional products, especially in complicated areas such as shower trays because of humidity.

There are also exclusive products to give shine and special discs to polish white marble. Whenever you apply professional cleaners, wear rubber gloves that protect your skin.

We advise you to consult the manufacturer’s instructions, to avoid any type of stain or incident. 

These are the basic products you need to know how to clean white marble. It is an expensive material. You want to keep it in good condition, not skimp on its maintenance with homemade products since you could make it lose its shine or scratch it.

 What to do to clean yellowish-white marble 

With time and lack of maintenance, marble takes on a yellowish color that can give the impression of dirt. These types of stains often appear in humid areas, such as bathrooms or outdoor surfaces.

To treat these stains, you will need:

  • Stiff bristle brush
  • Powerful cleaner for white marble
  • scale remover 
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Oil-water-repellent treatment
  • Rubber gloves

The surface is first brushed with water to remove dust and the first layer of dirt. Next, apply the special product to white marble with the help of a cloth. Remember to check with the manufacturer the products that can be used in your material. After this step, you will see how the area recovers its original white little by little. You may need to repeat the process depending on the size and age of the stain.

For dirt embedded in joints or pores of the material itself, you will need a specific descaled. Change cloth and use it only in specific areas. Once you get the desired result, dry the entire surface well. If you are looking for a gloss finish, you can polish the material with a polishing liquid, applying it manually or with a special machine.

The best way to prevent these annoying yellow stains from appearing again is by periodically applying an oil-water-repellent treatment that will seal and keep the surface looking new. Of course, do not forget to clean white marble periodically.

At SCS Group, we have all the materials for cleaning white marble. Get a perfect and professional result with our general domestic cleaning services.

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