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How to Convert Email From Outlook to PDF? – Explore Here

Blogscrolls | Basically today we are here to “Convert Email From Outlook to PDF” using different types of methods to complete the process hassle-free. The manual method to save email from Outlook into PDF formats. Users can also opt for the professional solution to convert all the data items from PST files to PDF document formats.

See the little intro to Microsoft Outlook & PDF!

Microsoft Outlook offers a plethora of features which is widely used across both small-scale and large-scale organizations. When composing an email message, users can attach files of different file formats such as audio, video, documents, etc.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It’s a versatile file format created by Adobe that gives users an easy, reliable way to present and exchange documents- regardless of the software, hardware, or operating systems being used by anyone who views the document.

Now, let’s start the process!

User Query!

“Hi, I need to convert a large number of Email messages From Outlook to PDF for some legal purposes. I used a manual method which I thought was lengthy for bulk Outlook emails. Therefore, I am searching for a quick solution to convert email from Outlook to PDF. So, if anyone knows any reliable solution for bulk Outlook email conversion, then, please guide me for the same.”

Manually Export Email From Outlook to Adobe PDF

As there are several users who want to convert multiple emails from Outlook to PDF format. But, the problem is that users cannot find an accurate solution for their issues. The manual method is easy but it is a little complex & confusing process for non-technical users. And, if you really want to perform the manual method to complete the task then follow the below-working steps:-

  • Firstly, Open MS Outlook on your Windows machine. And, you have to open the message you want to convert to PDF.
  • Click on the “File Tab” and select the Print option, click on Next
  • Now, click on the drop-down menu under Printer and select Microsoft Print to PDF
  • Click on the Print
  • In the Save Print Output As dialogue box, navigate to the folder where you want to save the PDF file
  • And, if you want to change the name of the file, then do so in the “File Name” field, click Save
  • Finally, click on the file which will be saved into the folder you chose.

Hope you get an idea for your issue. If not then let us move towards the below section. Use an automated solution to perform your task risk-free for the resultant result to convert email from Outlook to PDF formats.

Before moving to the solution let us see the user query in the section:


“Hey, I am working on a project in which all my data was saved in MS Outlook. However, nearly 600 Outlook emails with attachments that I want to have in one place. Also, I thought of converting all emails into a portable document format so that I can show all the required data to my team leader. Hence, I have Outlook configured on Windows 10 OS on my desktop and I tried to manually convert multiple Outlook emails as PDFs. But, during the conversion of emails, all attachments were lost. The manual method was too tiresome. So, please suggest to me any reliable solution using which I can convert email from Outlook to PDF formats.”

Converting Multiple Emails From Outlook to Adobe PDF Automatically

Above the manual method, we perform is not so easy for all users. Because it takes a lot of time & effort to complete the process of exporting multiple emails from Outlook to PDF file formats. For example, you can make use of Export Outlook PST Files to Multiple Formats Software. This utility can save an email as a PDF in Outlook, including its attachments.

Therefore, it is a very reliable and portable tool that helps you to convert PST email into PDF and repair and recover any corruption in the .pst file. Using this software, you don’t have to worry about the long and complex steps to convert email from Outlook to Adobe PDF.

Now, below are its advanced features and after that its working process step by step:-

1. Batch Convert Outlook Emails: Here you can easily bulk save Outlook emails in PDF format in single processing.

2. Save Outlook Data As PDF With Attachments: It allows you to save not only the emails but also the attachments associated with them. It also permits saving multiple Outlook emails as a PDF along with attachments.

3. Multiple File Naming Options: The tool provides so many file naming conventions for handling the Outlook to PDF migrated files.

4. Supports all Outlook Versions: Users can save Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 emails as PDFs with attachments without losing any hassle.

Convert Email From Outlook to PDF – Software Working

Follow the below steps to complete your entire process to save multiple Outlook emails into PDF file formats.

1. Launch and run the software on your Windows machine
2. Now, select the PST file by clicking on the “Add File” button
3. Then, the software starts loading to complete the PST file and generates a Preview of the emails in it. Users can view the loaded emails in different ways like: Hex View, Normal Mail View, Properties View, Message Header View, Email Hop View, HTML View, RTF View, & Attachments View.

  • Click on the “Normal Mail View” tab to preview the email body

4. After that, click on the “Browse” button to select the final destination for the exported TXT files
5. Finally, click on the “Export button” once the processing is done to save attachments from multiple Outlook emails.

Final Warning

There are two methods to perform the task which are manual as well as professional solutions recommended by experts to make your process easy & simple. Using automated software you can easily convert email from Outlook to PDF format without facing any hassle. It allows users to export multiple Outlook emails to Adobe PDF without wasting any user time & effort. On the other hand, if you want to perform the manual method use it is a little complex & difficult method to do the task. During the process, users face many issues and a chance of data loss. So, it’s your choice which one is the perfect solution for your problems.

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