How To Fix ALL Call Of Duty Warzone Dev Errors

Whatever frame drops I will explain to you right now in a short version but also in-depth everything you can do guys this is a full complete guide on dev error 6036.So you will not have to look anywhere else after this clip so stay tuned first thing you can do is go to blizzard battle net okay you go to the options tab and go for game settings.

When you are in the game settings guys Go for additional command line arguments when you are here you type 3 you type d3d11 guys just type it like you see it here.

Okay, you type it you press done that’s it maybe that fixed your problem if it didn’t stay tuned next thing you can do guys you go into the game itself. When you are into the game itself guys you go to the options tab you go over to graphics okay first thing This is very important guys this is absolutely key and having no crashes anymore.

Full-screen borders

You go to display mode and you change this to discord pfp full-screen borders guys I know full screen helps a lot for fps okay it helps your fps gain but go for full-screen borders guys. This helps true to god it helps a lot okay so put it on full-screen borders guys next thing that you have to do is go to Sync every frame and put it on enable boys.

Okay, put it on vsync enable man it’s very important okay when you did this you can go all the way down to shadow and lightning. When you are here go search for catch spot shadows and catch sun shadows okay when you are here guys you put this on disabled guys both of them Put the spots on spot shadows and sun shadows on the table guys.

It’s important it helps a lot it eliminates a lot of the errors man put it on the table guys trust me on that one next thing you can do is you go to the operator step you find a modern warfare skin that is standard. Okay, you don’t want to put a different spin on it sometimes this could also be targeting this could also be triggering I mean an error.

Sharp skins

Okay so go for skin that is a basic one okay you don’t want to put any sharp skins in there or whatever guys just go for a random normal skin for modern warfare. The next thing you can do if that didn’t help your problems guys next thing you can do is make a loadout of guys with no cold war guns.

Okay, make a loadout with no cold war guns Sometimes when they change sometimes when they trigger an update and they change stuff like they did the integration with cold war guns. Now it’s there are still a lot of bugs in it okay guys and sometimes for some reason, it can trigger an error in your system if you feel like it’s happening too much just try and play some games with modern warfare guns.

Okay, no cold war guns check it out see if that works for you The last thing you can do guys so if all of that didn’t help you the last thing you can do the last thing that I did as well. I have to say when I did that I didn’t have any questions anymore I did it like 20 days ago now okay keep in mind I had everyday crashes every day almost every game I had crashes.

The battle net

It was I was pulling all my hair My hair out was crazy guys so what did I do I went to the battle net uh battle that blizzard again I uninstalled the game. Okay I uninstalled it I was done with it I uninstalled it what did I do then is when you go for the installation again you have to change the change folder install location.

Guys trust me I don’t know how but It fixed all my issues so what I did, in the beginning, was my game was downloaded game was installed on the SSD drives. Guys change it to a different driver it’s now on my HDD driver and I have zero issues zero guys I did this 20 days ago before that I had an everyday crash now for 20.

Wrapping Up

20 days in a row I had zero crashes nothing absolutely Nothing guys so check it out it helped me so many guys I did everything that I explained before I did as well. But try and do this guy’s last step if all the other things don’t work try and do the installation again and change the driver guys trust me do it on your HDD driver.

See if that works and I promise you it will help It helps a lot of guys from the community and it helped me it helped so many people guys and nobody ever told it this is the ultimate solution go for it guys.

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