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How to get more followers on Twitter

If you have created your Twitter account but are not able to get followers on it, then this post is for you. Today you will know how to get more followers on Twitter. Here I will tell you about some important ways in which followers will start coming to your Twitter. We all know that Twitter is a very popular social media platform. Millions of users are active on it worldwide. If you have more followers on your Twitter profile, then you will have a different impression. If more and more people stay connected with you, then your posted ideas can become quite famous among people. Nowadays, most celebrities use Twitter exclusively. 

In today’s time, Twitter has become the most popular social media platform. Millions of people around the world are active on Twitter. There are millions of tweets a day on Twitter. Twitter is the most used social media platform after Facebook and Instagram. The founders of Twitter are Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Twitter was launched on March 21st, 2006. You can share your points with everyone through Twitter Let’s read.

Make your profile attractive

Get followers by making your Twitter profile attractive. You have to optimize your Twitter profile for this. You must include an attractive photo in your Twitter profile. You have to have a good cover photo on your Twitter profile. You have to write about yourself in your bio. In this way, you can get more followers on your Twitter account by creating a good Twitter profile. 

 Follow famous celebrities

You can also get more followers on Twitter by following celebrities. For this, you have to follow a celebrity who has millions of followers. When any celebrity tweets, you will get their tweet. You have to comment on their tweet so that others can also comment on their post. Then your comment will be visible so that they can follow you. You can increase your Twitter followers in this manner.

Like and retweet other’s posts

You can also increase your followers on Twitter by commenting and retweeting others’ posts. For this, you will have to comment and retweet on the posts of others so that they will also comment and retweet on your post. In this way, you can get more followers on Twitter.

Share new information

If people always wait for your post, then share more than one piece of the best information so that people will wait for your next post. Whenever you post, more and more people will like and comment, so that post will be popular, and people will always wait for the next post.

 Use follow button 

If you use a website or youtube, etc., then you can also put a follow button to follow your Twitter account and also add the URL of your account in the description of your video, etc. they can visit your Twitter account and follow you on Twitter. Also, get more followers on Twitter.

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Tweeting on a regular basis

To increase followers by regular tweeting on Twitter, you have to do regular tweeting on your Twitter account. Due to this, people are becoming more and more engaged with you. If you do regular good tweets, then the number of followers on your Twitter account will increase. 


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