How To Get The Most From Your Online Notary Public

You may be happy to travel to see a notary public in Scarborough. If you’re not, however, then you can almost certainly get an online appointment. Online notarization is widely accepted in Canada and elsewhere. This means that in most cases, using an online notary public in Scarborough will be just the same as having a real-world meeting with one.

At least, the end effect will be the same. There are, however, several key differences between online appointments and on-site appointments. Here is a quick guide to them and what they mean in practice.

You choose the location

This is the most obvious difference between using an online notary public in Scarborough and visiting a real one. The main benefit of this approach is that it allows for flexible scheduling. 

In principle, you can have your appointment anywhere you can get an internet connection. In practice, it generally does help if you have the sort of set-up you would use for a work video call. That basically means you want a quiet space with plenty of light and a strong internet connection.

Ideally, you also want something to hold the device you’re using for the call. Appointments with a notary public in Scarborough tend to be fairly short. They can, however, be long enough for you to be uncomfortable holding even a phone in your hand. Tablets and laptops can really strain your arms.

Your internet connection matters a lot

Be very cautious about scheduling an appointment with an online Notary Public In Scarborough for a time when you know you’ll be on the move. It may be very tempting to fit in your notarization session when you have some idle time, for example when you’re waiting in the car. This can, however, end up being time wasted instead of time gained.

Your notary needs to see you clearly from the start to the end of the call. That means you need a strong internet connection. Tethering your laptop or tablet to your phone is really not a good option for video calling. Using your phone on its own is even worse as you’re going to have to deal with its limitations as well as the limitations of mobile data.

If you have a MiFi (with good reception) and a suitable space, then having your appointment on the go (or away from base) may work for you. Even then, however, it’s a bit of a gamble. If possible, use proper WiFi.

Notaries public appreciate you being prepared

When you book an appointment with an online Notary Public In Scarborough, you will be given a list of instructions to follow. Make sure you follow them. 

In particular, you will usually be asked to ensure that any documentation is fully completed apart from the signature and date (which the notary will witness). Be sure to do this. Also, be sure to have the documentation to hand.

This may seem like a small point but many people choose online notary appointments to make it easier for them to fit the appointment alongside everything else they have to do. The risk here is that you get so absorbed in whatever else you have to do that you forget to prepare for your online notary appointment. Avoid this by scheduling some time in your day to get everything ready.

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