How to Help Poor and Underprivileged Section

While most people are living a luxurious and comfortable life, having access to everything they want, poor people in underprivileged sections cannot even fulfill their basic (Help Poor) living needs. They do not have food and shelter and are deprived politically, economically, and socially.

They hardly get opportunities and fight each day for their survival. Being poor or underprivileged is more than just a low-income background. People from this segment have inadequate nutrition, no or low access to healthcare, and are exposed to a higher risk of diseases.

Many non-profit organizations and governments are trying to make things easier for them. You can also play a vital role in helping underprivileged people live a better quality of life.

While most people donate money to charity or organizations working towards their wellbeing to remove poverty, there are many ways for you to make this world a better place to live for everyone. 

Here we talk about some ways you can help the poor and underprivileged sections in your community.

Be a Volunteer

One of the best ways to do something for your community is by joining an NGO or volunteering your time for a social cause. It will expose you to many possibilities and positive effects.

Charities and non-profit organizations always look for active, passionate, and self-motivated volunteers to serve the poor and needy from the economically weak section.

Volunteering will give you a sense of purpose and make you self-content. It is a noble and selfless act where you have to spare a few hours once or twice a week and do something for the poor and needy people. You can serve food to poor people, teach children at an NGO or build a campaign to lead underprivileged children to schools for education. In addition, you can motivate your friends and family members to step up and join a charity to help others.

Raise Awareness 

Remember, spreading awareness about social causes is as important as doing something for these causes. If more people get to know about the cause, there are chances that they will be joining the cause. Many organizations and charities create awareness towards different causes they work for, such as lack of education or healthcare, etc.

These days, social media platforms are playing a vital role in spreading words to a wider audience. You can use these platforms effectively and raise your voice or create awareness about various social issues. Also, you can connect on social media with many NGOs and charities involved in helping needy people. Besides this, many websites and online charity donation platforms a certain part of their proceeds to NGOs that support poor people.

Organize Collection Drives

Collection drives for clothes, blankets, food, books, and other necessities can help the poor to some extent. You can organize a collection drive for these items in your neighborhood, schools, and offices. Ask people to participate in these drives. It is the best and easiest way to do something for the community.

However, it is good to know about the needs and requirements an NGO has, for which you are conducting the drive. For a quick start, keep containers at offices, schools, and local premises, where people can drop off items they want to donate.


Sometimes, thinking beyond donation to provide better support to underprivileged sections can help. Fundraising is a great way to encourage and ask more and more people to donate for good cause for social welfare. With volunteers, you can create social events, concerts, and other events that involve raising money from people, for people, through various online platforms. You can also join fundraiser communities or organizations that raise funds for needy people.

These organizations plan different strategies and activities to raise funds, such as organizing various roadshows, skits, etc. Also, you can become an active member of a charity or board and play a major role in supporting it. Fundraising can also involve donating stuff and putting them on auctions to collect money for needy people. 

Create Job Opportunities 

One of the best ways to help poor people is by providing them with opportunities for income and growth. If you have a business or a firm, look for fields that can provide work for needy people from low economic backgrounds. Many people from poor or underprivileged backgrounds may not have access to certifications or higher education, but it does not mean they cannot take up the task.

Recognizing fields of opportunities in your organization, increasing employment, and paying a salary is a great way to bring a change for people living in poverty in your community. Many renowned NGOs also provide vocational training to build and enhance the skills of poor people, opening an earning door for them.

Donate Money to Charity

One of the easiest and clear-cut ways to aid fight poverty in society is to donate money to charity and organizations working to end these financial inequalities. These organizations depend on donations to continue their noble work. They use the donated amounts towards providing food, shelter and fixing issues like education gaps, healthcare access, and more.

People from underserved sections also have to right to live a beautiful and trouble-free life. The abovementioned ways can help bring a smile to their face and yours as well.

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