How to Hire a Tax Accountant in the UK?

There are some essential points to be ke樂威壯
pt in mind while planning on how to hire a tax accountant. It is important that one finds an experienced and reputed tax accountant to make sure that all taxes, payments, liabilities, arrears, etc. are settled properly and within the required time. One must find a tax professional with good knowledge about UK tax laws. This helps in minimizing any future problems or claims with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

Do not Forget to Read Customer Reviews

There are many companies/practitioners/financial advisory firms/accountants in the market, offering their accounting services. It is advisable to shop around and compare different firms and their services before deciding on which one to take up. Do not forget to read customer reviews and feedback on the website of the company. This would help in choosing the most suitable firm for meeting your accounting needs. In addition, it will also help in understanding what others are saying about them.

Do not Forget to Read Customer Reviews

Do Need to do Some Research

Accountants offer specialized accounting services which help in reducing costs and eliminating errors. They make detailed analysis of a company’s accounts. Some accountants offer international services, whereas others focus only on the country in which the company operates. In order to hire an accountant, you would need to do some research as each country has different accounting laws. One of the ways by which you can get information about the accounting firm which you wish to deal with is to go online and conduct an online search.

It is a Time Taking Process

How to hire a tax accountant and the time taken by them to meet all your needs can vary depending on their experience, qualifications, location and other factors. Most accounting firms offer services on a contract basis (which means they hold your financial data and assets until you or your company declares bankruptcy or other similar event occurs). This option is good for people with many properties who require immediate access to them during an event of bankruptcy or if someone has died and there is need of immediate accounting assistance for UK tax purposes.

Research on their Reputation, Services, Costs and Other related Issues

It is important to do research on their reputation, services, costs and other related issues. It is recommended to read more than one website on a particular company and to contact at least three firms from the internet to get an overview of their services. Choosing the best firm is difficult because each business has its own unique set of considerations that must be taken into account before making a final decision.

Research on their Reputation, Services, Costs and Other related Issues

When Hiring an Accountant

It is best to do background checks and confirmations before hiring them. A professional and licensed tax accountant should have an MBA degree and the right credentials. An accountant with a Master’s degree in taxation specializing in tax law is required to be certified by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The certification proves that the accountant has the specific knowledge of laws, rules and regulations pertaining to tax matters in UK. Aside from this requirement, the accountant should have at least three years of experience in financial and management affairs and should be familiar with UK tax codes.

Find Out Their Experience and Qualification

It is important to find out their experience and qualification prior to engaging them. Most accounting firms advertise their years of experience on their websites but this is not always the case. Most accountants start their business with a small amount of capital and grow their business based on their previous clients and their ability to provide quality services. As such, a CPAI certified accountant who only specializes in tax can only provide you services for a specified time frame and cannot provide any other services. While it is possible to get this type of accountant for hire, it will usually cost you more as compared to a generalist accountant. This means that you will be paying more money for your services.

Find Out Their Experience and Qualification

Check their Credibility by Asking for References

Before you decide on which tax accountant to hire, it is important to check their credibility by asking for references. References are usually provided by past customers. If you want to know how to hire a tax accountant, asking past and current customers who were satisfied with their services is one of the best ways of knowing if the particular accountant will be able to meet your business needs. In addition, you can also check the reviews posted in online forums by people who used the services of the accountant.


When hiring an accountant, it is important to look at their service packages and the amount of time they will be given to handle your taxes. Some accountants have the ability to offer tax filing assistance while others can only do basic preparation. Hiring an accountant who has the ability to handle a wide variety of services will allow you to save time and maximize efficiency. For example, if you only need a basic tax return done, you can easily find someone who is capable of doing it for you. On the other hand, if you need assistance with filing for more than one tax category, you will have to spend more time finding the right person to do these tasks for you.

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