How to keep a sunlight based power framework or sun oriented park?

Keeping a sun based park is fundamental to get the adequate energy from the sun powered modules. We have profoundly qualified experienced staff who deal with complete sun oriented activity, establishment, erection, dispatching and upkeep of sun based power frameworks.

General assessment incorporates:

At the point when a sunlight based plant is introduced, Specialists ought to set up a timetable for preventive support of the sun oriented park.

Make that the rooftop has fitting seepage, that the rooftop channels are not obstructed and that there are no signs of water aggregating near the exhibit.

Ensure any rooftop infiltrations are waterproof and Check for ground disintegration close to the footings of a ground mount framework

Confirm that main approved individuals approach electrical walled in areas. Investigate the racking framework and walled in areas for erosion.

Check the site’s neatness to ensure there is no garbage nearby the inverter cushion or elsewhere.

Review the cluster for any free hanging wires.

Analyze the region under the exhibit for proof of creature invasion.

Explicit checks:


Cleaning endeavors ought to be intensely centered around modules since they require the most preventive upkeep.

Cleaning recurrence:

Cleaning ought to be finished essentially at regular intervals under typical conditions when there isn’t much of residue or rottenness. Notwithstanding, the recurrence of cleaning ought to be expanded to each week in districts like M.P.

Water Quality:

Water Quality

The TDS (absolute disintegrated solids) levels, water prerequisites and exact cleaning subtleties ought to be thought about while cleaning the modules. The water’s TDS level should be at or under 250 sections for every million in India (ppm). While cleaning, thought is given to the water’s degree of calcium and chlorine (both less than 250 ppm), as well as its electrical conductivity. To ensure that laid out prerequisites are kept up with, water quality ought to be really taken a look at like clockwork.

Nature of cleaning hardware:

Great cleaning supplies ought to be used, for example, fiber brushes without unpleasant fibers. A bad quality brush, like one with metal fibers, could hurt the modules glass surface. We can utilize cleanser to eliminate intense contaminations like bird droppings that have stuck to the outer layer of the module.

Post-wash care:

Following an exhaustive cleaning, modules ought to be appropriately cleared off to ensure no stains stay to save the age capacity.



A channel is utilized to give ventilation and it should be cleaned intermittently. The utilization of good channels is subsequently invaluable. We occasionally register the voltage of the string inverter in the intermittent log book as a feature of preventive measures. This explains any voltage vacillations that might have happened.

MC4 Cabling Connector:

As an insurance, we make ought to guarantee that there is no space between the line connectors. Any hole, could light a fire and harm the modules. Off-takers can put “check” meters independently concerning the primary meters that is similarly precise or more exact to cross-check the creation level consistently. All readings should generally match each other and consider amendments of 2% to 3%.


For transformers at the site with an introduced limit in megawatts, boundaries like the working temperature, OTI (oil temperature), WTI (winding temperature), and oil level are observed day to day. On the off chance that there is any inside aggravation in the transformer, it reflects in these boundaries which ought to be observed something like multiple times in a day as sunlight based power is produced at its top during these openings. The transformer must be cleaned completely once in a half year.

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Assurance from outer components:

The plant should be satisfactorily fixed assuming it is to run without interference (i.e., with next to no closures). Rodents and different rodents could get inside in any case and be shocked. The whole plant may then encounter a short out thus. Numerous people are uninformed that the modules can be hurt even by high-pressure water.

Remote observing:

It is important to constantly screen a sun based power plant to detect glitches and further develop execution. A similar capability, where we can recover every one of the information from the inverter or from correspondence gear (tests, meters, and so on), can be completed nearby or from a distance.

We perform sun oriented power plant observing reliably which is fundamental for sun based activity and support. We know that our clients expect huge power age from sun oriented power offices. Therefore, we have made a bunch of abilities that envelop state of the art plant management innovation, predominant operational efficiency, and start to finish support execution for sunlight based power plants (from modules to substations).



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