How to learn to drive a forklift?

Forklift Drive

If diploma or certification is required to learn to drive a forklift.  Obtaining the OSHA (Certificate of Aptitude for Safe Driving) is recommended for all persons responsible for the safe loading and unloading of goods. .

What is learning to drive a forklift? Who is this for?

If it is possible to learn to drive a forklift within a company thanks to the driving license issued by the head of the establishment.  Obtaining the OSHA is strongly recommended. There are different OSHA depending on the lifting gear used. For forklifts, two certifications apply:

The OSHA allows the company manager to ensure that the employee has undergone forklift training.  Therefore has the knowledge to ensure the safety of other employees and the skills for loading and unloading goods. Once declared fit by occupational medicine.  The employee or temporary worker can obtain the compulsory driving license.

Training in driving this type of handling machine is aimed at all job seekers as handlers.  Forklift operators or order pickers. The OSHA can be obtained from the age of 18 and only requires fluent use of the English language.

Please note that a regulation dating from 2020 has had a strong impact on the name and organization of the OSHA. Until then numbered in 6 categories. The regulations now have 7 categories stored under the name R489 and one category under the name R485. The training courses take place over two days on average and cover both the regulatory context.  The technology of the forklifts, as well as the stacking and stacking of pallets using the pallet truck.

What qualities are required to learn to drive a forklift?

A forklift operator who has undergone training in handling industrial trucks.  Knows all the technical aspects of the lifting equipment entrusted to him. He carries out the necessary checks. How to estimate the maximum authorized load.  The maximum height for storing goods and extending the platform if applicable. Can maneuver the hoist even in a confined space. Also knows, in the case of ride-on trucks.  He is not authorized to go on public roads.

In addition to driving the tractor or the pallet truck. He has all the qualities of a handler. The attention paid to the storage of goods, to the verification of documents related to the entry and exit of goods.

Why learn to drive a forklift?

Many industries employ forklifts. Using them safely is therefore an undeniable advantage for finding a job, especially since with the success of e-commerce, warehouses and with them, the pallet trucks used, have multiplied.

Having passed the OSHA allows you to convince a future employer as soon as the CV is sent. There are many CDD and CDI positions, and temporary work is also recruiting a lot. Click here to get Used Forklift

Moreover, in addition to warehouse handling and logistics in general, driving a forklift puts the candidate in a good position to pass the other OSHA to drive construction machinery, traveling and gantry cranes, cranes mobile lifting platforms, mobile lifting platforms, tower cranes and vehicle loading cranes. The theoretical part of the OSHA is valid for 12 months, a time to put into practice to continue the training effort. All construction and road works companies are looking for talent in these fields, with higher salaries than the handling sector. Having a crane driving license also opens up the whole field of cultural events and management jobs.

How to train to learn to drive a forklift?

Many companies, especially in the field of industrial production, finance obtaining the OSHA for forklift driving to offer this additional advantage to employees. To receive the document and obtain OSHA certification, employees must approach an accredited training organization.

For job seekers, there are many online training courses, often in video or even in virtual reality. Training manuals accessible free of charge on the internet are also available.

In the training organizations, the courses take place in 2 to 5 days with a theoretical part and a practical part. The course and training time depends on the number of OSHA categories chosen. Learning to drive a simple forklift can be done in two days. Read this article to know about the Future of Logistics Market

Job seekers can also benefit from individual training assistance from a Regional Council since 3 out of 5 unemployed people find a job after obtaining a OSHA.

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