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How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner?

When you use your vacuum, ensure you adhere to the basic guidelines for maintain a vacuum cleaner, and you won’t be forced to do lengthy repairs later.

  • Take care of the cord for your vacuum with caution. Be careful not to pull the plug out by the cord or use the auto rewind whenever the cord becomes stuck or blocked.
  • Be sure to inspect bags regularly. Make sure the bag isn’t filled to the top before changing it because vacuum cleaners cannot suction if the bags are fuller than half.

Don’t reuse paper bags as their pores get blocked after just one use, which could make the vacuum engine overheat while trying to circulate air.

Caring for Your Vacuum Cleaner Parts

  • Examine the floor head for obstructions. One of the most critical parts to look at when it comes to maintaining your vacuum cleaner is the floor. It is also called the beater or power bar. The flat part to the bottom of the hose comes into contact with the floor. Flipping it upside-down and then looking beneath, you can determine if the hose is clogged with dirt and requires cleaning.
  • Remove debris. Take out any fluff threads or hair that might have gotten caught in the roll of the brush. You may need scissors to cut any knots.
  • Make sure it is turning in a proper manner. If not, remove the caps at the ends and inspect the bearings for dirt accumulation. This simple procedure can help with repairs to your hoover. However, you’ll have to be able to change the period according to the use.
  • The floor head can be opened. To do this, take off the lower plate and then remove the top plate from the floor. It could be removed or require you to use a screwdriver. Make sure you hold on to the screws you take out! Take the brush roll from the other end. Make notes of which direction it should be facing when you replace it.
  • Make sure you check the belt vacuum. It is situated above that brush roll. It is possible to prevent this when the plate on the bottom is removed by putting an index finger underneath the belt and then feeling it to determine if it’s still in good shape. Any visible cracks or sagging wear could indicate that you must replace the belt. It’s recommended to purchase the belt yearly, again based on the amount you use your vacuum.

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner Filter?

Filter filth can result in a less efficient machine, and a crucial vacuum maintenance tip is to ensure that your filters are working correctly in your hoover.

Different models come with distinct filtering systems; although some can be washed, some will require replacement when used. So ensure you read the manual on the components of its vacuum cleaner before proceeding.

The vacuum could also come with multiple filters, based on the bag it uses. Filters made of foam found in the exhaust air can be cleaned under the faucet to wash them, however, make sure to allow them to dry completely before replacing them in your vacuum. Filters made of plastic can be scrubbed using a soft brush or cloth, best placed in the open or above the bin of garbage.

Look Out for When Maintaining a Vacuum Cleaner

  • If your vacuum ceases to work abruptly, it may be because it’s overheated. Turn it off, unplug the appliance, and wait at least 30 minutes until it cools down before you can use it again. This could indicate that you need to repair your vacuum, and it is advised to consult a professional when the issue is not discovered.
  • Be aware of any variations in its performance and noise to get an idea of the frequency it requires attention.
  • Unplug the vacuum before when you start your maintenance routine. It may seem simple enough, but knocking on a switch can cause parts of the vacuum to malfunction unexpectedly, leading to an electrical or physical injury.
  • Whatever the issue, it is possible to reduce the chance of having repairs to your vacuum in the long term by making sure you check the parts of your vacuum cleaner, such as the bag, and the hose, every couple of usages.
  • This advice is only for general guidelines for cleaning and maintenance of your vacuum. You should look up the manufacturer handbook for specific directions, particularly before taking off any hoover parts to wash them.

Key Steps:


  1. Change your vacuum cleaner bag.
  2. Check that the floor head isn’t clogged by debris.
  3. Clean or change the filter of your vacuum.

Some simple care and maintenance will ensure that the vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment remain efficient.

Safety Checklist When Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some security tips you must be aware of when using a vacuum.

  • Remove the cord from your vacuum when it isn’t being used. This keeps accidents out and also safeguards the cord.
  • Make sure you use only a dry clean vacuum to wash wet surfaces. Any other device can cause damage to the motor and increase the risk of electric shocks.
  • Do not drop the vacuum cleaner. If you drop the appliance, you should call an expert to inspect it before using it.
  • Make sure you keep the vacuum cleaner’s cord in a secure location to prevent damage.
  • Avoid cleaning flammable or toxic objects with a vacuum.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to avoid picking sharp objects like screws, nails, and coins.
  • Keep the cleaners in a cool, dry area.

Last Few Words

These are a few essential maintenance tips to ensure your vacuum cleaner operates effectively. Roomba i6+ and i4+ top vacuum cleaners in India, which also have HEPA filters to eliminate contaminants from the water and keep your home clean of pollutants. 

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