How to Prepare for the Microsoft Exam DP-203 online

Microsoft Exam DP-203 online

In the era of technology, data engineering professionals are in high demand. If you want to make a career in this sector, wasting time is not advisable. Starting immediately is important. One of the most well-known certifications that may aid your employment and the acquisition of a high-paying position is the Microsoft exam DP 203. However, obtaining the certificate is not a simple process.Here are some online tips on studying for this exam to avoid any problems.

The necessity of DP-203

An intelligent method to study more deeply about a subject and demonstrate your knowledge is to acquire a certification.Earning a certification enhances the value of your knowledge and advances your profession.

It is crucial to conduct detailed data research to identify client pain points. In such a challenging business environment, people and businesses must spot fresh opportunities to expand their market share. Data must be combined, altered, and integrated across platforms. Microsoft Azure Certification is one of those.

What you should know before starting to prepare?

Before preparing for the certification, you should have some basic knowledge and skills. Those are-

  • Knowledge of Azure’s foundations.
  • At a minimum, 6–12 months of professional experience with the Azure cloud.
  • Excellent command of data analysis languages, including SQL, Python, and Scala.

You may also consider pursuing the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification, which will give you an advantage over other candidates.

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How to prepare online for this certification?

The following steps will help you prepare for the certification.

  1. Get acquainted with the syllabus properly.

Before preparing for the DP 203 certification program, you must get acquainted with the syllabus. Candidates must first learn how to design to get certified. They must set up data processing, monitoring, security, and storage. The following are the major topics in the syllabus-


Topic Coverage of the whole exam
Design and put in place data security 10-15%
Design and put in place data storage 40-45%
Watch and also optimize data storage and data processing 10-15%
Design and develop data processing 25-30%


To get the certification, you need to prepare the whole syllabus properly and should not lose focus.

  1. Purchase an online training course.

Even though there are a lot of free materials online, they do not entirely cover the certification exam’s syllabus. You must buy an excellent online training program covering the required certification exam material. Additionally, you may train for the MCSE certification, which would offer you an advantage over other candidates.

  1. Take the help of practice tests.

When studying for any sort of certification program, practice exams are crucial. Practice exams let you identify your areas of weakness across the whole curriculum. Many aspects of the curriculum are left out if you only study the course material and prepare for it without taking any practice exams.

  1. Revise several times.

If you simply study once, you won’t be able to memorize or be well-prepared for the entire course. You must go through the whole material again and again. Most online courses can be accessed forever so that you may review the entire curriculum as much as you like. You will discover various issues you should have focused on when revising each time.

  1. Practice every day.

You need to practice every day. Having a proper routine for 2-3 hrs every day is better. It is enough if you concentrate on the preparation. Practicing daily would help you remember the topic easily.

  1. Do not get distracted.

It is essential to stay focused during your preparation. Preparing for the exam is not easy, but if you focus properly, you can clear the certification exam.

Start your DP 203 test study right away. It will significantly benefit your professional life and raise your pay at your current organization or employer.

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