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How to sleep well at night

Your have landed at the right place to get the best advice on “how to sleep better at night” ? Actually it’s not just your problem, its a problem of millions of people. They find very hard at night to sleep peacefully. So, in this post we are going to discuss the best tips to have a sweet sleep at night.

Recently a study has shown that more than 30% people take sleeping pills before going to sleep at night and half of this percentage is young youth. Even doctors are also in shocked that how young people are facing this issue at very initial stage of their life. Even scientifically it has proven that sleep is the best medicine. You also must have experienced this thing that after waking up from the deep sleep you feel very fresh at the level of mind and physically active as well.

Sleeping is the natural state of every living being, if we are going away from the natural state then there must be something we need to focus on. Mental health and physical health both are inter-related. A good sleep play a very importance role in our daily life. Some people do yoga everyday at night before going to sleep.

3 reasons of poor sleep at night

1) Screen time- Yes, screen time. Somewhere we all know that we are addicted to our mobile phones, tablets, laptops or any other electronic gadgets. We are attached to them badly because our brains are programmed to seek more of whatever gives us this pleasure – so much so that we crave it when we don’t have it. Spending a lot of time on screen we feel a sense of rushness inside of our body and this is one of the biggest reason of poor sleep.

Avoid using phones or any screen at night and see the result after few days. You will start feeling fresh and you will be having a good sleep at night.

2) Over-eating- Most of the people do over-eating at night, which makes their body heavy. Over-eating at night deteriorates our digestion system. Ayurveda says that 90% decease born because of poor digestion system which directly affects to our mental health and disease in sleeping as well. Eating in control helps your body to digest the food in a better way which keeps your mental health good and you sleep peacefully.

3) Overthinking- Overthinking is the biggest cause of sleepless nights. Thinking in a right direction is not a problem. For example if you have a solution making approach then thinking will be in right direction and you will not feel tiredness from deep within. But if your thinking is not in the right direction then you will definitely suffer mentally.

To reduce overthinking you should focus on practical life. Don’t think too much of bullshit in your mind which is based on the reality. Keep your mind relaxed and calm.

3 tips on how to sleep well

1) Affirmations- Do affirmations every single day. After waking up and before going to sleep. Affirmation is the process of using powerful words for yourself which motivate you and energies you. Majority of the people use negative words for themselves or for other people as well and that is why they never stay in peace,

Our sleep is in our hand if we want. Do affirmations like, I am happy, I am confident, I am a honest person, I am peaceful, etc. Good energy comes good energy circulate.

2) Exercise- Exercise reduces all the toxic bacteria from our body which make us feel unease. Physically fit person will always be mentally fit. But now a days people are busy in their life that they don’t time for their health. A intense workout helps us to get better sleep at night.

Wake up early in morning, going to park or going to gym will help you to get positive energy and will enhance your mental health.

3) Cold water shower-  Take cold water shower every day before going to sleep at night. Doctors say that cold water shower reduces the anxiety level and keeps your mind clam. it’s very important to have calmful mind. Our habits define that what type of life we are going to have in future.

If you understand all the above mentioned points that a big change will definately come in your life.

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