How To Write IGNOU Assignment?

Tips To Write IGNOU Assignment

What is IGNOU Assignment?

IGNOU assignment is the set of questions that you need to answer in the file. It includes 10-12 questions that you need to solve, If you do not complete the IGNOU assignments then you cannot sit in the Examination hall. IGNOU assignment helps learners to understand the concept of the topic and prepare them for the exams. For good exam preparation, you need to write assignments for learning points not only copy paste the answers.

The 30% of IGNOU Assignment weightage will count in the final result of the exams. So, it’s compulsory to score good marks on assignments. Here are few pointers on how to write IGNOU Assignment to score good marks.

IGNOU Assignment Guidelines-
IGNOU follow very strict guidelines for assignment, practical and internship, In your assignment questionaries’ in starting you can see IGNOU assignment guidelines, read them carefully before starting an assignment. Follow the word limit as per the question and don’t use a diagram for 3 marks questions. If you will not follow the guidelines then you will not score good marks in the assignment.
Keep It Unique & Simple-

This is a very important point to score good marks, When you write the assignment don’t copy it from your IGNOU books or website, you need to write in your own words, using only simple terms. If you copy from IGNOU study material then they may not pass you in the IGNOU exams. So, keep your assignment simple with uniqueness.

Good Handwriting-

Try to write assignments in neat and clean handwriting, use a black pen for the headline and a highlighter for the main points. It helps you to score good marks on the assignment as well in exams. When your handwriting will good in the assignment then the assignment checker will not read the whole assignment, he will only read the heading and highlighter pointers and he may imagine you are a good student and then you will surely score good marks.
Diagram & Images-

Try to explain your answers with images and Diagrams, It helps the assignment checker to understand that you have deep knowledge regarding the subject and you know the concept of the question. It’s not only important in IGNOU assignments but also important in exams. Your examiner may only give you marks on the basis of beautiful images and diagrams.

Start Assignment before 3-4 Months-

This is a really important point for all the students, Start your assignment 2-3 months before the submission date. Write your assignment carefully and invest good time for all the questions. For example, if you will start the assignment before one month of the submission date then you can’t write it creatively with good handwriting, Uniqueness and images. So, make sure to start the assignment before 3-4 months of submission.

A lot of IGNOU Exam Questions come from the assignment so you need to write them for learning points and it will help you not only score good marks in the IGNOU assignment but also in the IGNOU examination.


The more creatively you will write the assignment then the more marks you will score. Write answers as you write in the exams, Your teacher wants to see the presentation of your answers. So be more creative while writing the Assignment.
IGNOU assignment is the technique to learn students about the concepts and be familiar with the questions that will appear in the exams.
So these all points will help you score above 70 in IGNOU assignments as well in exams.


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