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How We Use Our Fashion Croquis

Croquis is a sketch of a fashion model you can trace over to create clothing. It can also be called a fashion template or figure.

Fashion croquis comes in many sizes and styles. It all depends on what your design is used for and who you are designing it for. I have used much croquis in my career. Some were more stylized than others.

What are the proportions of a Fashion Croquis’?

This is how I draw the “9 heads” croquis. The croquis measures 9 inches tall from the top to the ankles. This is more than the average woman’s head. (The feet are not included in the equation because they can vary in height depending upon the type of shoe and the heel height. )

A 9 heads model exaggerates fashion models’ proportions to show clothes on a large scale. Fashion models can and should have different body proportions. I encourage you to create your croquis in any shape or size.

This tutorial shows you how to make the 9-head croquis using the proportions used in fashion colleges. However, you can modify the proportions later to better suit your target audience.

Get started with a Fashion Croquis

You will need a fashion croquis to get started on your sketch. This is a drawing of a figure that you can use for tracing your designs. Although croquis is French for “sketch”, it doesn’t mean you have to draw the human body entirely from scratch. Pret A Template is one of many websites that offer free croquis templates. They offer them for all ages, genders, and shapes.

A Fashion croquis can be used to adjust the style of your garment based on its fit and formality. A croquis can help you determine where to place the garment’s zippers, for example, if you are designing a perfectly fitted dress. A croquis can be used to trace the design of a jumpsuit that has multiple zippers.

Fashion sketch template should include details such as shading and seam lines. This will help you to show movement. To convey certain fabrics’ textures, you might use watercolors or charcoals. It is important to show how the garment will feel on a person’s body.

Draft a Fashion Flat

A fashion sketch is used to create a general idea of the garment’s look. After the sketch is complete, prepare a fashion flat to be used in production. A fashion flat is a detailed technical drawing of a garment. This drawing shows all details of your design, including construction and fabric. Flats aren’t meant to be artistic or especially beautiful. Flats are meant to represent the garment as accurately and clearly as possible in order to communicate your design to the production staff.

Flat sketches, on the other hand, are a representation of the garment in a flat form. The sketch should look like you have taken a shirt and placed it flat on the ground. This will allow your pattern makers and seamstresses to determine the exact way that the garment should be made.

Drawing a fashion flat by hand requires graph paper, rulers, and erasers. It is also a tedious art. TEG is a great tool to help you create fashion flats and save time during the fashion design process.

TEG has access to experienced fashion industry professionals who can turn your fashion sketches into production-ready flats. You can work directly with a professional designer through our design service.

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