HP Printer Offline – Resolve by following Steps

HP Printer Offline

HP printer offline error is frustrating that obstructs windows and Mac devices. This is one of the common errors that come with half of the printer users. When this occurs, the printer device won’t work and goes offline completely. Hence, it is one of the important aspects to which users need to pay attention and resolve it instantly.

This blog will guide you to resolve this hurdle easily. So, if you are experiencing HP printer keeps going offline problems again and again then refer to this blog.

How to Resolve HP Printer Offline Error?

HP printer offline error messages often occur on certain printer devices including 4520, Envy 5000, and Officejet 8710, 3830. Hence, without wasting your precious time pay attention to these steps to diagnose this error immediately.

Fix: [1] Restart HP Printer, Router

To Fix Offline Error Message from your HP printer you have to restart your printer device. This is because when your printer fined a wireless printer over a Wi-Fi connection. After that, you are required to create a new connection.

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Let’s follow the step-wise guideline to fix it.

  • Turn OFF the wireless printer
  • Next, disconnect the power cable from its rear end.
  • Turn OFF the PC from which you were attempting to print papers.
  • Attach the power cord to the rear side of the HP printer. Now, turn it ON.
  • Now, detach the power cord of the wireless router and wait for 20 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Finally, turn ON the system.

Fix: [2] Connect Wireless Printer to the WiFi

Here, you have to connect your HP printer to the WI-FI network by accessing HP wireless setup wizard for the touchscreen control panel. This can also be possible via WPS or HP smart app software if it is supported by the router.

Let’s figure it out by following certain steps.

  • Hit the wireless icon from the printer control panel.
  • Then follow the setup icon.
  • Hit Restore Network Defaults or Restore Network Settings option and then click Yes to confirm your choice.
  • It is assumed that you will touch the back arrow button, then the wireless settings, and then the wireless setup wizard.
  • The printer will search all available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Input the name of your wireless network.
  • If your wireless network is unable to detect then click on Enter New Network Name
  • After that, type the name of your wireless network.

Fix: [3] Set Printer As Default on Windows 10

You have to examine that your HP printer should be set to Default mode to bypass the printer that keeps going offline on Windows 10.

  • Find Devices and hit on Printers & Scanners from the set of devices displayed.
  • Uncheck the box next to let Windows manage my default printer.
  • Find your printer name from the printer’s record, and then hit the Manage button.
  • If you’re with the same name, select the printer whose status is Inactive or Online.
  • From managing your wireless printer device click Next on Set as the default
  • Again, try printing any paper. If it still appears offline, then follow the successful method.

Fix: [4] Set Printer as Default on Windows 8, 7

This is all about setting up your printer as default mode on windows 8 and 7. Mentioned points will show you the right destination and how it works in an easy way.

  • Firstly, you have to find Devices on windows
  • Then hit on Devices and Printers from the visible results.
  • Next right-click on your HP printer whose status is active.
  • Then hit to set as default printer.
  • After that, you can try to access your printer device. However, if your printer still shows an offline method then you have to continue to the next method.

Fix: [5] Identify Ink Cartridge and Paper Jam Problem

If your printer appears offline even after following the above steps, some steps will help you in an easy way. So, to fix the HP printer, draw your attention offline problem continues

  • Turn on the HP printer device and ensure that all physical and wireless connections are made correctly.
  • Check your cable connections that should be properly connected.
  • Identify any paper jams in your printer and clear this error if you have an error.
  • Check the input tray for the correct stock of papers. If necessary, more paper can add to the tray.
  • Open the cartridge access door then examine for HP Printer ink cartridge Failure Message. Also, check the ink level inside the cartridge.
  • Check your printer control panel display or software for any low ink-level alerts.
  • After that, you will have to hit the OK button to end the low ink warnings and bring your device back online.
  • Finally, make sure your printer and system are both connect to the Wi-Fi network.

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Throughout this blog, we have mentioned step-wise HP Printer Offline solutions with ease. Hence, follow certain steps to fix your issue instantly. If the problem still persists then connect with HP printer support to resolve it.

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