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If you are troubled by frequent dizziness then do these 5 yoga asanas

If you are often troubled by dizziness, then with these asanas you can get rid of this problem!

Many people are troubled by the problem of dizziness from time to time. During dizziness, you suddenly feel as if your head is spinning. Sometimes people stumble and fall due to dizziness. Here we are telling you some such yoga asanas that heal your nervous system and increase your ability to focus. Art of Living’s Yoga and Meditation teacher Deepak Sharma tells about some yoga asanas that prevent dizziness.

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This yoga asana is very effective in providing relief from dizziness. In this, with the help of both knees and both hands, you should bend down like small children or animals. If your knees start hurting while doing this, then you can also keep a blanket under the knees. And then stay in this position for five minutes.

Viparita Karani: 

By doing this yoga asana, you not only get relief from dizziness but also keeps your mind calm. However, while doing this, never lift your hips, but raise the feet only by keeping the hips on the ground. And then stay in this position for five minutes.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama: 

By taking deep breaths while doing this yoga asana, the amount of oxygen in the blood increases, and by doing this your nervous system also starts working smoothly.

Salamba Shirshasana: 

This yoga posture removes your stress and keeps you relaxed. Apart from this, doing this also prevents diseases related to the kidney, stomach, and liver. Stay in this position and take deep breaths 6-7 times.

Supta Baddha Konasana: 

This yoga posture removes stress and keeps the nervous system of your body right. Apart from this, the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and back are strengthened. Due to a sufficient amount of blood reaching the brain, the problem of dizziness is greatly reduced and all these yoga asanas help in increasing the blood flow in the body. And stay in this position for 3-4 minutes.

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  • If you often feel dizzy, then take care of yourself while bending forward while doing yoga. Do not bend forward suddenly facing down and do not make any haste while getting up and sitting while doing these yoga asanas.
  • If you are doing balance-making yoga asanas, then try to do these yoga asanas by going close to a wall, which will make it easier for you to balance.
  • Always keep your neck in the correct position, otherwise, you may fall down due to dizziness. When you are doing a triangle pose, look elsewhere instead of looking up.
  • Avoid doing backward bending yoga asanas as this can aggravate the problem of dizziness.
  • And do not hold your breath while doing any yoga posture. If you feel dizzy while doing yoga, then start doing Balasan.

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