Information about Opium Cultivation in India – Guidance

Opium Cultivation in India - Useful Techniques

Opium is cultivated for narcotics. The fruits on its plants start coming soon after the flowers fall. Their size is like a pomegranate with a one-inch diameter. Its fruit is called Doda, then it bursts on its own, and the skin of the fruit is called Posh. Inside these dodos are tiny, sweet granular seeds with round shapes of white colour. They are also commonly called poppy seeds. Opium becomes soft when there is moisture. Its interior is dark brown and shiny, from dark brown to black on the outside. Its smell is strong, and its taste is pungent.

When opium is burnt, there is no smoke or ash, but it dissolves easily in water. Since opium is a narcotic substance, permission has to be taken from the Narcotics Department before its cultivation, after which you can quickly cultivate opium without any restrictions keeping in mind some terms and conditions. It is farming which gives maximum profit at less cost.

Benefits of Opium

Opium is very important for Ayurvedic treatment as well as being a drug, and if it is consumed as a treatment, it also benefits some diseases of our body.

Toothache If a worm is found in the tooth, mix an equal quantity of opium and nausea and keep it pressed in the hole of the worm tooth. It provides relief for toothache quickly. In the treatment of coughs such as in case of excessive cough, swallow 50 mg of opium with a raisin. It will calm the attack and will also bring good sleep.

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How to Cultivate Opium

A cold climate is required for the cultivation of opium. Therefore, its seeds are sown between October to November. Before planting the source, the field has to be prepared by ploughing it properly. For this, deep ploughing of the domain is done. After pressing, water is applied to the area and leaves the soil moist. When the water in the field dries up, two to three-slant ploughing of the domain is done using a rotavator. So that the ground of the area becomes friable. The friable soil is levelled with a pat.

In the cultivation of opium, a large amount of manure and vermicompost must be put in the field. Take special care of the minimum limit in its cultivation, so give a sufficient amount of nutrients to the land. Your license may even be cancelled if you cultivate outside the minimum limit. To get more production with enough land, the ground must be tested, and what is lacking in the land, so the presentation can be found in good quantity.

Land & Climate

Opium can be cultivated in any type of soil. Deep black soil with sufficient biomass material whose P.H. The value should be around 7 and opium has not been produced there in the last 5 to 6 years. Apart from this, the field should not be soggy. The poppy plant is of temperate climate and needs 20 to 25 degree temperature. Moreover, for all farming purposes Mini tractor is appropriate as it fulfils all the farming requirements. 


Poppy plants need more irrigation. Therefore, the first irrigation is given after planting the seeds. After this, the seeds must be watered for 7 to 10 days. After that, give water at an interval of 12 to 15 days at the time of seed germination. Irrigation must be done weekly before ripping the dodo on the plants. Rinse two to three days after sown fruit in light soil, and do not rinse at all after sown in heavy mud. Irrigation by drip method is quite suitable. Also, Preet Tractor is another suitable tractor for all farming requirements. 


95 to 115 days after sowing the seeds on poppy plants, flowering starts. Shortly after flowering, the flowers start falling off, and after 15 to 20 days, the buds start coming out on these plants. Opium plants are harvested several times. In the evening, on the dodo on the plants, an incision is made in the middle, due to which the liquid starts coming out of the plant, and this fluid is left to drain.

The next day, when this material is completely solidified on the dodo, they are collected to dry in the sun. The crop is irrigated a week before this process, and more quantity is obtained from this. After drying the dodo, they break them and take out the seeds from the inside. These seeds are purchased by the Narcotics Department in April every year.

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