Innovative Lipstick Packaging Trends

The trend of ‘separate to recycle’ has reached lipstick packaging. This innovative method reduces the amount of plastic used in lipsticks by 60 percent while keeping the mechanism intact.These are two timelessly beautiful materials, and both offer a decorative finish. Alternatively, plastic lipstick packaging is also available. Here are some other innovative packaging ideas for your lipstick. Listed below are some of our favorites:

Metal packaging protects lipsticks from spoilage

The first metal cases for lipsticks were created during the First World War. These were made of semi-precious metals, such as copper, gold, and silver. The process of transforming these materials into lipstick cases was a popular way to create luxury packaging for cosmetics. After the war, the demand for lipstick packaging soared, and metal prices were cheap. The early cases were small and used a sliding mechanism to extend and retract the stick. They were also decorated with a paper label with the name of the company embossed into the metal. Later, paper labels were removed altogether, except for the shade.

Metal lipstick packaging provides a sleek finish and adds a touch of luxury to the product. The versatility of design makes it easy to differentiate lipstick from its competitors. Metal lipstick packaging also offers a high-end look, with embossing and hot stamping delivering a modern, luxurious feel. Metal lipstick packaging protects lipsticks from spoilage and helps maintain the brand image.

Modern metal lipstick cases have a sleek gunmetal finish. The barrel is gunmetal, and the base is gold. The brand offers 38 shades of lipstick, including a ring or necklace. The packaging is bullet-shaped, with the red and blue lipsticks coming in black cases and gold ones in gold. Some of the brands also offer lipsticks that come packaged in beautiful cases.

The first metal lipstick packaging was probably created in the late nineteenth century. Lipstick and lip-salve were often sold in metal tubes, and society women could order these cases from jewelers. Later, department stores and other outlets began selling ready-made metal cases. For a period of time, the metal lipstick case was the only way to ensure the safety of lipsticks. The metal lipstick case served a dual purpose, protecting them from spoilage and increasing their perceived value.

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Innovative Lipstick Packaging Trends

Intricate drawings are a timelessly beautiful trend

The trend of incorporating intricate line drawings into lipstick packaging is not only beautiful but timelessly feminine. Floral drawings and hand-made illustrations work well for lipstick packaging and boutique boxes, while geometric drawings are a little more masculine. This year, you’ll see more floral packaging, but there are also plenty of other cool and modern options to consider. Keep these trends in mind when designing your next lipstick box.

Plastic packaging protects lipsticks from degrading

A study by the Urth team revealed that over 40 percent of the formula for Urth lipsticks is derived from petroleum. The team hopes to achieve 98 percent renewable content within two or three years. The team is also investigating alternatives to plastic packaging, including algae paper envelopes.  Ultimately, they hope to eliminate the need for plastic packaging altogether.

When evaluating lipstick packaging options, the manufacturer should consider a few factors. The barrier to moisture, oxygen, water, and ultra-violet light should be adequate. Transparent plastic packages should contain additives that enhance UV protection to help prevent photoactivated processes. Cosmetic packaging materials can also include dyes and pigments to improve their aesthetics. Anti-oxidants are another important factor to consider. These compounds can prevent the degrading of lipsticks, as well as other products in plastic packaging.

The plastic used to package lipsticks is not recyclable, and many companies are launching sustainable alternatives. Lipstick tubes can contribute up to 12 percent of U.S. plastic waste.  Few companies have recycling programs, but those that do offer incentives can save you money. But what’s better than saving money and the planet?

Environmentally-friendly cosmetics packaging is a good way to protect your lipsticks from degrading. While lipsticks aren’t biodegradable, they can ship in packaging that doesn’t degrade. This is a win-win situation for both companies and consumers. Packaging should send a positive message and make your brand stand out in the market. You’ll be able to protect your products and the environment and promote positive brand perceptions.

Inkjet 3D printing provides a decorative finish to lipstick packaging

Using digital print technology, inkjet 3D printing can add a decorative finish to lipstick tubes. This technology has many benefits. Compared to traditional printing, it is faster and can achieve low-MOQs. For example, Velox is able to provide high-quality portrait images printed in solid colors on lipstick tubes. These products are unique and different from their conventional counterparts.

Designing custom lipstick packaging

Custom lipstick packaging is an important aspect of a cosmetics company. People tend to follow the visual appearance of something, especially when it comes to lipsticks. To increase your sales, design a custom lipstick packaging box that is both attractive and affordable. You can find artistic designers who specialize in packaging for cosmetics.  Keeping the safety of your lipsticks in mind, here are some tips for designing custom lipstick packaging.

First and foremost, think about how your customers will be using your products. Do they like to stack and open their packaging? Make sure the lipstick packaging is user-friendly and easy to open. Many brands choose unusual-shaped boxes, which make them difficult to stack or open. Customers don’t like to struggle with the boxes, so it’s important to make them as user-friendly as possible. This way, they’ll buy your products again.

Once you’ve selected your target market, it’s time to pick a design that speaks to them. Custom lipstick packaging boxes can be any shape, size, and color, depending on what appeals to them the most. Keep in mind that plain, boring packaging does not inspire brand recognition and may even cause customers to avoid the product altogether. Therefore, choose a design that’s unique and different to stand out from the rest.

Make your custom lipstick packaging box environmentally friendly. Many customers nowadays pay attention to how environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging is. Many are now starting to realize the harmful impact that packaging has on our planet. Choose biodegradable or recyclable materials. Not only will it attract more customers, but it will also advertise your greenness, which is essential for any cosmetic company. The lipstick packaging box will not only increase sales but boost customer loyalty. Once you’ve chosen your packaging box, make sure that your customers love it.

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