Interior professional cleaning and how to carry them out 

When carrying out interior cleaning. It is very important to study the type of facilities in which you are going to work.

When carrying out interior cleaning. It is very important to study the type of facilities in which you are going to work.

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The size of the spaces, both in surface and height, the difference in floor levels, the type of surfaces, and the activities and use that are given to them, make a difference in the type of cleaning procedures, the possibility of using or not mechanical systems, number of personnel required, and type of cleaning products that can be used.

We cannot perform the same cleaning tasks when working in the office cleaning and disinfection and homes, then in the corridors and escalators of a large shopping center, and for this reason, there is a wide variety of types of interior cleaning.

In this post, we are going to talk about the various cleaning of closed spaces and how to carry them out.

Classification of types of interior professional cleaning

Interior cleaning by activity

The type of activity is very important to decide the cleaning tasks and ways of working.

The following are the different categories :

  • Cleaning of private homes.
  • Cleaning of offices, offices, and bank branches
  • Industrial cleaning.
  • Cleaning of hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, the cleaning nurseries, colleges, and universities, government buildings

  • Cleaning of private homes

In the cleaning of flats and other types of homes, special attention must be paid to the fact that the services to be carried out require very careful and delicate treatment, since it is the personal home of the clients, and each one of its spaces contains privacy conditions and items with a special value for them.

For this reason, and because they are divided into sections in which we will usually find an abundance of furniture, decorative elements, and other items, cleaning tasks are normally done manually, with more conventional tools, and small equipment such as vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners. , rotating or ozone generators, depending on the contracted services.

Cleaning of offices, offices, and bank branches

In the cleaning of offices and offices, it is necessary to consider what is the most appropriate time to carry out cleaning and maintenance tasks, avoiding interferences that may hinder the pace of work and visits, favoring that the result of cleaning is more noticeable.

To this, we must add equally important issues, such as knowing the most appropriate cleaning methods so as not to cause breakdowns in computer elements. Pay special attention when cleaning work tables, shelves, files, etc…, so as not to produce disorders because of loss of documentation.

Bank cleaning also has the added peculiarity of being an institution in which large sums of money and high-value documents are handled, so the cleaning staff must have the full confidence of the cleaning agency and no record.

When carrying out the cleaning and maintenance of this type of business, we must keep the commitment to confidentiality in mind, since both in professional offices and in banking, we handle a lot of personals and client information, which cannot be disclosed.

Industrial cleaning

Within industrial cleaning, there is a wide range of specialties that are closely related to each production sector.

Each of the professional cleaning specialties for the industrial sector entails a series of specific knowledge related to the guidelines established by the regulations on safety and hygiene, environmental legislation, waste treatment, and prevention of occupational risks typical of the activity., and the operators who provide cleaning services in these facilities.

In addition, it is necessary to establish protocols that establish the periodicity, cleaning schedules that do not harm the rhythm of the activity and adapt the most efficient procedures to guarantee high efficiency in the results at an affordable cost for the clients.

In industrial cleaning, we used very varied systems with the use of powerful machinery. Most cleaning companies specialized in providing services to this sector are reducing the use of chemical products, which are much more dangerous and not very respectful of the environment, and are prioritizing other types of cleaner, safer,, and more efficient systems.

The interior cleaning of industrial facilities presents higher rates of danger than domestic or office cleaning.

These are especially dangerous jobs, the ones that cleaning companies. So when they have to carry out cleaning at height, or cleaning in confined spaces such as tanks and reservoirs. That goes with cleaning nuclear power plants, or chemical industries as well.

The equipment of industrial cleaning workers must be specific to the type of task they perform. Guaranteeing correct protection in all cases.

The cleaning staff assigned to each work center must have good experience and workers with sufficient seniority and trust are normally assigned, both to ensure results and to avoid accidents or disclosure of information harmful to customers.

Another sector of interior cleaning is industrial cleaning.  Public transport is one example such as trains, planes, ships, buses, subways, or ambulances.

In this type of work, the dirt generated by the constant flow of passengers requires correct maintenance. The cleanliness of seats, floors, windows, and toilets, to achieve a more comfortable environment, maintains a good image of the company. These types of cleanings prevent the spread of naturally transported insect pests, parasites carried by passengers, and infectious diseases that can transmit from one user to another during transfers.

In this type of cleaning, besides the use of powerful devices of manageable dimensions. One example is vacuum cleaners or steam cleaning machinery. Using ozone generators is very effective, which eliminates 99% of pathogenic microorganisms, accessing places more impractical for the operators, and renewing the quality of the air with new oxygen.

Cleaning of health centers, nurseries, and geriatric residences

The cleaning, of health centers (health centers, hospital operating rooms…). Cleaning of nurseries or nursing homes may seem at first glance similar to that carried out in educational centers, premises, or warehouses. If we took only the common characteristic of dealing with spaces frequented by a large number into account of users who, with their constant transfer, will generate dirt, added to the one produced naturally.

The key that differentiates the type of cleaning and disinfection in hospital facilities, nurseries, or nursing homes is the type of activity and users.

Hospitalized patients, along with younger children and the elderly, constitute the most vulnerable sector of the population to infections and contagions. Cleaning and disinfection in health centers, nursery schools, and nursing homes must have specific protocols. The levels of asepsis, disinfection and cleaning of the different areas are impossible. According to their uses, the type of procedures applies to areas and surfaces.  Frequency of cleaning tasks for adequate maintenance and training of the personnel in charge of cleaning in this type of center.

Types of interior cleaning by the size of the spaces

Depending on the size and distribution of the spaces. The concentration of equipment that exists in them, cleaning tasks, is with the use of mechanical or manual systems.

  • Cleaning of large surfaces:

We cleaned continuous level floors with medium or large dimensions. Using piloted machinery that performs all the functions, saving time, operators, and effort.

In the cleaning of equipment and large horizontal and vertical surfaces, pressure cleaning machines are used, which propel different materials such as dry steam, ice particles, steam, water, or different aggregates.

  • Cleaning of small spaces:

Depending on the surfaces, mechanical procedures may or may not be allowable. An example is steam cleaning machines with adjustable pressure, vacuum cleaners with extension accessories, or adaptation, ozone generators, and of course all kinds of manual cleaning tools such as cloths, brushes, dusters, mops, sponges, or scouring pads, supplemented with cleaning and disinfection products.

You always have to start the tasks with adequate ventilation, and collection of all kinds of hindrances. The order of cleaning work should always be from the dirtiest spaces to the cleanest, and from top to bottom.

First, clean the continuous surfaces, and then furniture and appliances. Other equipment is to finish carefully removing dirt from the smallest or most delicate objects. Some cleaning products need a specific time to act to be really effective, so a good organization in the order of tasks helps achieve good results.

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