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Is Yellow Sapphire suitable for Scorpio ascendant?

Today we will be discussing the suitability of ” yellow sapphire for Scorpio Ascendant”. Let’s talk about Yellow Sapphire and Pukhraj Stone to see how they can benefit Scorpio Ascendant.

Yellow Sapphire is also known as Pushyaraga (in Sanskrit) and Pukhraj (in Hindi). Yellow Sapphire is a good choice for wisdom, mental peace and courage. It also helps to avoid accidents. Yellow Sapphire can improve mental health and reduce anxiety. It increases blood flow and strengthens veins. It can calm the mind and balance emotions.

Yellow sapphire is a good choice for businessmen, athletes, spiritual people, students, researchers, professionals, scientists, film producers, directors, actors, singers, and others.The Yellow Sapphire is cool, sour and curative of abnormal oxygenation. It also increases appetite and brings fame, wealth, and wisdom.

Scorpio Ascendant & Yellow Sapphire

Scorpio is your ascendant/Sign lord. Jupiter, the most auspicious planet, will open the door to wealth, education, health, and good children. You can also benefit from the Government and society. Bright Yellow Sapphire is a good choice if Jupiter is in the 5 th House. This will ensure that you are well-educated, have a decent manner and speak in a dignified and respectful way. This person is a leader and has a deep understanding of spiritual and religious matters.

Wearing Yellow sapphire also makes one richer if Jupiter is seated with his Ascendant Lord Mars in 2 nd houses or such a combination in 5th houses. He will gain heavy gains, wisdom and riches, as well as highest spiritual and scientific libration. Jupiter in 9 the house is exalted. With Moon, it causes Gaj Kesari Yoga. Jupiter has good health, wisdom, and benefits from land and property. It also enjoys wealth, happiness, peace, and a sharp nose.

When Jupiter, Moon, and Mars are in Ascendant, 2nd and 5th respectively, it can cause the biggest Raj Yoga. Yellow Sapphire will give you the opportunity to be financially successful. One could be Minister, or he might be from a wealthy royal family or business tycoon who has many facilities. This person will be an icon for wealthy people. This planetary combination can be obtained through good deeds done in the past. Scorpio is your Ascendant/Sign lord Jupiter and it’s the most lucky planet in the janam Kundli. Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire and Ruby are your favorable gemstones.

Yellow Sapphire Ring/Pendant in Favourable Metal.

Gold, Pancha dhatu & Ashtadhatu are some of the metals. For best results, they are best suited for Yellow Sapphire ring and should be worn during the waxing moon, i.e Shukla Paksha Thursday, which falls on Asthami Navami Navami Navi, Dashami. Ekadashi. Poornima within an hour of Thursday Sunrise.

Recharge Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Place the Yellow Sapphire ring in a Silver, Copper or Ceramic cup after you have finished your bath. After you have finished washing your hands with water, Ganga Jal (purified water) with Tulsi leaves and Basil, light dhoop, and Deepak and then chant Bhrihaspati mantra “Om Brim Bhihaspataye Nah” for 9, 18, or 108 times. Then, wear the Yellow Sapphire ring on your lndex finger (Tarjani). Also, check our other blogs on this site.

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