Jole Figliomeni: Women Going Strong In The Consulting Business

Jole Figliomeni ruling the business world have overcome multiple obstacles to reach that spot. By Exercising resilience and determination, female entrepreneurs prepare to face every challenge posed by the business world. 

Across industries, women are questioning stereotypes, breaking barriers, and challenging the status quo as visionary leaders. In the corporate world, many women have credited their achievements to strong mentorship. Jole Figliomeni, the founder of MAS Business Solutions, discusses the powers of mentors in making leaders of tomorrow, changes that are gradually reshaping the workplace, and guidance for young entrepreneurs. 

  • In your opinion, why should more and more women become business founders? 

Women are the center of the universe, and they have the potential to lead with hearts as well as heads. We have the ability to handle situations using our own past experiences. So, considering their perspective is significant. 

  • What career advice have you received that has benefited you? 

I am privileged to receive guidance from many mentors throughout my professional journey that has made a drastic difference. These mentors have guided me at every step and prepared me for my role as an entrepreneur. Some of the best advice that I have received revolved around compassion and empathy. These traits help create a culture of trust, care, and mutual understanding. They help you understand the situation from all perspectives when you find it hard to make decisions. 

  • How can leaders mentor women to help them grow their careers?

In my opinion, the first step toward helping women advance their careers is removing the barriers that prevent them from meeting their potential. 

  • None of us can succeed without support and help? Who are you grateful to for helping you where you are today? 

My mother. She taught me about always following your dreams and doing what you love. My mother always inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and explore my potential. She was my role model and inspiration. 

  • Have you witnessed any patterns that indicate differences between how men and women handle certain situations? 

I think women are uncomfortable with conflict. However, it can be a challenge for women because many times, you encounter situations where you have to review people and provide them feedback. I have come across many circumstances where there is an immense difference between the kind of feedback a woman gives and what a man understands. I myself have encountered many situations where I felt like I was pretty clear about what I expected, but the other person was misinterpreting my words. 

  • Do you think women are better leaders than males?

Women have better instincts and intuitions. They are experts at handling team dynamics. Women have the perfect understanding of getting people together to work in harmony.   

  • Did you face any gender-related obstacles in your career? How did you overcome them? 

Yes, in the initial days of my career, I did face gender-related obstacles. However, I didn’t want gender to be the reason for my success or failure, so I ignored everything. But, I realize that even today, many women are struggling to pursue the career of their dreams. There are a lot of efforts that need to be made to break the glass ceiling. 

  • You said that you ignored gender-related obstacles that you encountered along your way. Were there any moments where it was impossible to ignore these issues?

In many cases, men try to suppress women. A few years ago, I met a woman who told me that “Never let your emotions get in the way.” That was the best advice I received because you start to look at things objectively when you do not let your emotions get in the way of your dreams. 

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