Kinex Media’s Guide on CASE STUDIES of Infuriated Customers

When we say we want to know our ‘Customer’s Journeys’, we want to ‘Understand our Customers(case studies)’.

The question arises, “Why do we want to understand our consumers?”

Kinex Media answers, “because we want to know how a customer behaves during his online shopping trip. By having good consumer behavior knowledge, we can make the necessary changes in the design or flow, which aims to take customers from Initiating Point to Ultimate Point.”

Customer Journey – Different For Each Individual 

The nature or behavior of each customer is different. Each one of them has different queries to resolve. Every customer has different challenges to face – Typing, Choosing the Cheap & Best Product, Load Times etc.

Real Incidence 1:

Peter D’Souza, who couldn’t type in the Right Digits

Mr. Peter, aged 80, never thought that he could order things online. One fine day, when he was watching TV, he came across an advertisement for a brand that sells cosmetic products. He wanted to romanticize the coming evening. So, he ordered lipsticks for his wife to see that spark of happiness on her face. Peter visited that website. His customer journey was fabulous until he reached the last point – Checkout. Peter, a senior citizen, had weak eyesight, and despite trying many times, he was still filling in the wrong digits from his debit card while it was Payment Time. It infuriated Peter. He decided to abandon his cart and buy the product manually from a store. Pity for the Poor Peter!


  • Mr. Peter will never think of ordering anything online in the future.
  • He will never refer that particular website to anyone.

Real Incidence 2: 

Ashley – The mother who was disappointed with the Load Time

Ashley was a new mother. She wanted to order some different & learning-oriented toys for her tiny tot. She had just got time to order as her son Stever slept a few minutes back and thought ‘Ordering Online’ was a task of a couple of minutes. But who knew that the load time would go even so slow that it would start to test the patience. It added more to her disappointment when she searched the product category with the words’ learning-oriented Toys For Tiny Tots,’ and she was encountered with ‘No Results’.

Ashley got so disappointed and angry that she decided to make the purchases from Amazon since she had a little time left and Stever could wake up any minute from his nap. Poor Ashley got prey to the Slow Load Times.


  • Ashley would never revisit the site in the future.
  • Ashley may post a hate comment on Facebook or Twitter.

How can I make my customer’s journey even more dazzling?

There are some principles following which your customer’s journey can become stupendous:

  • Customer Is Always Your God

For worshiping your customers, you have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Once you do that, you know what your customers want, and then you can fulfill their wishes.

  • Don’t Ignore SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing

After studying your customers, you have to frame the strategies according to the advanced SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing campaigns.

  • What could be your customers’ TouchPoints?

There are so many TouchPoints, but you have to find out which ones are your customer’s touch points from the following list:

  • Social Media
  • Self-Service Resources
  • Product Reviews
  • Customer Support Channels
  • Billing Actions
  • Customer Success Programs
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Online Advertisement
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Thank You Letters
  • Company Events
  • Conversations With Company Representatives
  • Product Catalogs
  • Product Feedback Surveys
  • Point of Sale
  • Upsell/Cross-Sell Emails
  • Digital Marketing Content
  • Ecommerce
  • Peer Referral
  • Subscription Renewals
  • Include a Graphical Representation 

Always provide your team with graphical data. Will it help them know the turning on & off points in the customer’s journey?

Pro Suggestion 

To signify customer behavior, we should use emojis. It gives instant insight into the way a customer behaves.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions: 

You must ask yourself the following questions if you want to look into the minutest details of how a customer tends to behave in the purchase journey:

  • Is your main page attractive enough to keep the user’s attention gripped?
  • Have you placed CTAs on the right segments?
  • Is it easy for the visitor to navigate through your websites?
  • Is your content engaging enough for visitors to scroll down to view more content?
  • How quickly are the visitors moving back from your site?
  • Are the visitors spending a long or short time on the website?

What Is The Importance Of Using Surveys In The Customer Journey Map?

To enhance your customer’s journey, you should use the data of the surveys in redefining the Customer Journey Map. Surveys are the individualized point of view that helps the company know its shortcomings.

Final Comments!

Understanding the Customer’s Journey plays a significant role in the success of a website. If we know what our customer feels about our website, we come to know the Pros and Cons of our website and the scope of the improvement rises.

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