Kodak step mini printer at my workplace- How it works?

I always wanted to have a printer of my own at my office as I did not want to always head towards the common printing machine every time I needed something printed. It really turned me off and as I would have other work needed to be done and I wouldn’t want to wait in line for my turn with the printing machine. Therefore I decided to get a small and compact yet efficient printer for myself. Then i choose for Kodak step mini printer.

Although printers have become quite expensive. That too not just at the buying price of them, but also their management costs and cost per printed paper margins. I do not want to get quirk by the market. Therefore I sat down to do my research before I went out it buy the printer in the firsts place. I found out the Kodak step mini printer setup to be the best one that I had browsed about in a long time. I found it to be very attractively designed and a shape that easily blends in with the environment. Also like how compact it was and space-saving. I decided to buy one and bring it into my workspace.

Bringing the Kodak step mini printer in and setting it up

My Kodak mini printer started performing very well. The quality of the prints was far beyond what I had expected. I could print for all day long and the ink didn’t seem to move a bit. The cost per print was ridiculously low and I had done a lot of print outs before I thought that it was time to change the cartridge as it was getting low on ink. The printed paper was very good as in it wouldn’t fade easily. I found it to be even water-resistive as the ink wouldn’t budge under the influence of water.

The other feature that was in the printer was its scanner and it was also as efficient as its other functionalities. It will marking on its scanner glass. That will guide me to keep the kind of paper that I will goes to scan in a special way to get the kind of print out I need. Whether it be landscape or portrait. It had it all. I do not need to go once on the internet to check out things about the Kodak step mini printer as everything will cover in the user manual.

 Kodak step mini printer not working

I was off guard once with the Kodak step mini printer not working. But I was easily able to solve it once I got into the FAQ section of the user manual and didn’t need anybody to tell me anything at all. Everything about the printer was simple. From its setup to its assembly to its management. Everything was all easy to do and learn. The Kodak step mini printer cartridge issue is something that people frequently complain about but it didn’t occur to me using it at all. The cartridge has a push and clicks function for you to easily put the cartridge at the markings. Then push it in until you hear a click and then it will complete. The removal is also quite similar and easy too.


The Kodak step printer, in my opinion, is a jack of all trades. It can print, scan, and do other things all with you being able to control it remotely from wherever you are using a Wireless connection network. This alone gives it a big edge over a lot of other printers. When it comes to ease of access and functionality. Its design is also quite compact and attractive. This can blend into both, a casual home environment or a professional office environment with ease.

It can be easily used by anyone irrespective of their age due to its simple user interface. It can be an ideal printer for use at your home or your office. You could also use it to teach kids at school. The printer’s price tag is also very affordable and it can be maintained for a low cost too. Quite a delightful piece of technology. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to buy a space-saving yet effective printer nine out of ten times. Read more details from blogscrolls.

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