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Learn How to Import vCard Contacts to Outlook | Explained Method

How Can I Import vCard Contacts to Outlook? Know’s Here

Summary: Multiple users search for the same solution to import vCard contacts to Outlook. So, we decided to write this article for those users who are stuck in this scenario. In this write-up, we provide the solution with step-by-step instructions. Follow the article till the end to get an easy & quick answer. 

vCard is the file format that stores and contains contacts when users try to attempt the procedure to import vCard contacts to Outlook, they will get stuck in some errors. VCF file consists of fields vCard file saves several pieces of information like name, address, phone number, etc.  

“A few days back, I tried VCF contacts in the Outlook address book, but it didn’t work. Many people suggest me some solutions but all of them are getting failed. Please help me by providing the best hassle-free solution.”

Manual Solution to Import VCF files to Outlook 

In this section, we discuss the solution to import vCard contacts to Outlook in a manual way. If you are looking for a free solution then this section will become helpful to resolve your query. 

  • The first thing launches the Outlook application & select the file by hitting the file option. 
  • Select the Export button and then select the import and export option. 
  • Choose the option to import a.vCard file (vcf) and select the Next button. 
  • Now, you need to browse and hit the Export button. 
  • Click on the Next button. 
  • In the end, .vcf files are stored at the specific location you specify.

Smart Way to Import VCF File into Outlook Format 

Users can also perform this process manually but the above-mentioned manual solution contains some drawbacks. This manual method is time-consuming and lengthy, and the user should have some technical knowledge to implement this procedure. To resolve these limitations we provide you with the best expert-suggested vCard Converter Software. 

The best utility software which helps you to import vCard contacts to Outlook in a few clicks. This software not only helps you to convert VCF files to Outlook it can also convert VCF files into multiple formats like PST, Yahoo CSV, and Google CSV. There are multiple features available check out the tool before buying it. 

Working Steps of the Tool 

In this section, you will know about the working steps of the tool. We describe every step one by one for an easily understandable process. Follow one by one steps which is mentioned below.

  • Firstly, Install the software and go to the All Programs option. 
  • Hit Add File button in the next step. 
  • Get the display of the added files. 
  • Select the PST option to import into Outlook. 
  • In the end, hit the Export option to end the process. 

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In the above-mentioned solution, you will know about the solution to import vCard contacts to Outlook. We provide you with a free and automated solution to complete the task in a hassle-free way. But you will get some errors while performing the manual solution. So, we recommend you the smart approach for easy conversion.

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