Level 6 of NVQ in Controlling Lifting Operations

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Level 6 of the NVQ Controlling the Lifting Operation is a qualification you can take to demonstrate that you’re proficient in the performance of your job in the planning of lifts. You will learn to execute lifting tasks and operate within acceptable practices and regulations throughout the course. It means you’ll graduate as a competent individual who can perform their job, with more possibilities and advancement.

  • Nationally accredited and recognized as a qualification.
  • Earn the Card in blue. CPCS Card.
  • It can be completed at your own pace.
  • Help you get a job.
  • Follow industry standards.
  • CITB Skills and Training Fund and Grant Claimable.
  • Lifetime qualification.

Level 6 of the NVQ for Controlling Lifting Operations the course material

The assessor will assign you to assist you in constructing a portfolio that will allow you to finish the course. The assessor will instruct the student on site or remotely if they wish to.

Throughout the process of induction.

The examiner will explain the steps you must take to gather all relevant Evidence needed to obtain the certification. They will also regularly check your progress, give you any guidance, and ensure you’re on the right track.

The assessor evaluates you on-site by using a variety of methods.

Like comments, professional discussion testimonials from witnesses, Evidence gathered in the workplace, and written inquiries.

You need to provide proof of:

  • Maintaining and developing good professional working relationships
  • Plan Lifting Activities using Cranes and Lifting


  • Identifying the needs, allocating and planning the Use and Deployment

in the form of Plant, Equipment, or Machinery

  • Evaluation and Selection of Methodologies for Work to Meet Specific Goals or

Operational Requirements

  • Plan and Establishing Health Safety, Welfare, and

Environmental Systems for Lifting Operations

  • Plan Activities and Resources to meet Work


  • Assessing and selecting Methodologies for Work to meet the requirements of the project or Operational Requirements

Contact a 3B Training Advisor to get more details.

To pass the NVQ’s CONSTRUCTION COURSES exam, You must collect all relevant Evidence needed for each section. In doing this, you can demonstrate that you have the skills to earn the certification. The examiner will then examine the portfolio and give any feedback. After you’ve responded positively, your portfolio will be sent before an IQA. The IQA will determine if the certification is completed or if further documentation is required.

What is the duration of the Level 5 controlling Lifting Operations?

The time required to pass the NVQ is a test of your ability to collect all the Evidence necessary to pass the NVQ.

You can finish the course at a pace that works for your needs. It is possible to complete the course in stages, according to your schedule, if you’d rather work with your examiner to complete the system quickly.

Where can I take this course?

NVQs are available through our website or by phone for businesses and individuals nationwide.

Most of the NVQs are completed at your workplace. So long as you have an assessor local to you who will visit you to fulfill any face-to-face requirements, your assessment area shouldn’t matter.

Other devices can be performed via video calls via phone or email.

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