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MacBook Air / Pro – Technical Specifications

When it comes to any purchase of any Apple MacBook you must check all the best options available according to your need as after purchase it will be difficult to make the changes and storage of the MacBook play a very important role as most of the storage on the newer MacBook are onboard and upgrading is not possible after purchase hence always make sure to choose right storage size before buying any MacBook pro or MacBook air yes there are few Apple iMac SSD upgrade is possible but limited to some extent.

There are 100s of notebook available in the market but still, the apple MacBook pro is still on the top list of most preferred portable computer. The sturdy hardware and optimized macOS make it stands out. In this article we are sharing some information related to MacBook pro onwards 2018- 2019 which may assist in your purchasing decision of the new macs. These macs are very reliable but many times MacBook Air repair become impossible due to its complicated slim design of the logic board.

Storage Availability in MacBook Air 2019 there is 4 types of storage available in 15-inch touch bar models 128GB PCIe-based SSD, Configurable to 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB SSD which can be selected at the time of purchase as upgrading in the future is not possible due to ONBOARD storage design these MacBook starts from 1.5L INR base model in India. You can also choose if you want to go for Intel Chip or M1 chip 2020 models there is 2TB storage is also available but generally, apple repair stores do not keep it as a stock and require a pre-order.

128GB Vs 256GB Storage:

It’s obvious that 256GB storage is costly compared to 128GB now choosing between one of them is quite simple and easy if your work is more related to using less software and mostly browsing in that case you can opt for 128Gb and if your work is more related with multiple apps and keep lots of pics and movies, in that case, you can choose for 256Gb also for the students they can choose 256Gb storage as they can do many projects and lots of data in related with their studies.

Data Backup:

When it comes to new MacBook pro models most of the storage is onboard hence if a MacBook crashed for any reason it will be impossible to recover the data hence we always suggest keeping the time machine backup as it comes in handy and will save your lots of time for data recovery services also data recovery in Mumbai is very expensive and take lots of time as this kind of model where the hard drive is on board its very difficult process.

RAM Upgrade:

These models come with only an Onboard RAM stick and any further upgrade is not possible the base model comes with 8GB ram which is good enough for most of the work but in case your work is related to video editing or music editing you should choose 16GB variant as it will be sufficient enough for this heavy work. Also, consider more storage as you will need to make lots of library-related with video editing or music editing.

M1 Chip:

As this is propriety hardware of the apple we are personally very much confident that it is going to succeed and with lots of updates it will the M1 MacBook fast and faster with each update. When it comes to intel processors they have limited access to modify and still they are the best in the market.

Here are simple ways to check the size of the storage of any apple MacBook pro you can click on the apple logo -> go to about this mac–> and click on storage you can see the size of the store along with consumed space and free space part from this you can also go to disk utility and click on by typing in the search bar called “Spot Light”. If you are using a MacBook with 128Gb storage make sure 4-5GB is always free space available as that can impact the performance of the device also try to clear unwanted apps and clutter which can make your MacBook run smooth and fast.

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