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Major Factors to know about ISO 20000

Major Factors to know about ISO 20000

ISO 20000 is a set of processes that are highly essential to provide effective service. It is one kind of holistic IT service management. ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training process varies from core processes which are relates to the processes of change management and configuration management that associates with handling problems and incidents. This certification process also implements a process approach for operating, establishing, monitoring, implementing, maintaining, reviewing, and improving the IT system management service of a company.

ISO 20000 Lead Implement or Training Certification precisely defines the basic requirements for IT service management (ITSM). It always provides a framework for a special benchmark service delivery process which is based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) best practices that include capacity management, service-level management, availability and continuity, budgeting and accounting, information security, audit release, and service reporting, resolution process, and relationship management. The implementation of ISO 20000 helps to reduce the operational risk which ensures that meeting requirements of quality service and contractual requirements are met, and develops the capability of a company to deliver its best value for money service and solutions.

ISO 20000 positions configuration and change management as “control processes” and set them in the center. These two processes confirm the control of infrastructure and service components and their availability of exact information for the exact configuration. In the case of both relationship processes like supplier management and business relationship management, it is highly essential to maintain and establish the relationship between the supplier, customer, and service provider. In every kind of business relationship management, the service provider needs to develop the customer’s business processes. Whereas in the case of supplier management, they control the suppliers to confirm the perfect delivery of all kinds of contracted services.

Major Factors to know

  • A clear assurance is highly required from top management about the importance of the project
  • Good Planning is required for an accurate timeframe
  • Careful and good selection of parties who will be responsible for the project and process
  • The regular workload of the responsible staff should be appropriately reduced
  • Initial integration of the certification business
  • Proper documentation
  • Availability of required tools at the right time
  • Constant process upgrading is driving by the responsible personnel even after the project completion
  • External monitoring is highly necessary, but knowledge transfer must take place
  • ISO 20000 consultants are eligible as certified ITIL service managers and ISO 20000 consultants
  • External consultants must have practical experience in ISO 20000 projects.

The usefulness of attaining ISO 20000 Certification

  • It Improves the Quality of Service that is the necessity of reliable business support
  • Clearer representation of the present IT capabilities
  • Superior information on present-day services
  • Better flexibility for the business through a perfect understanding of IT support
  • Enhanced customer contentment as service providers knows and deliver what it is expecting from the customer.
  • It will enlarge the cycle time for changes which is a greater chance of success.
  • More directed IT Service Continuity procedures and more confident in their ability to follow them when required.
  • Some system-led benefits like accuracy, and improving the safety, speed, and availability of the required level of service as per their requirement.
  • Profit margins will definitely improve as more repetition get recovery.

Working place of ISO 20000 Certification:

  • A company service provider and assurance that their service will meet per customer’s requirement;
  • A company with a constant approach by all service providers that include those required in a supply chain;
  • A service provider that proposes to prove its capability to design, delivery, to meet the transition, and enhancement of services;
  • To check, assess, and measure all of its service management services and processes;
  • A service to improve the transition to the design, delivery, and development of services through the operative implementation and operation of the SMS;
  • An auditor or assessor as the criteria for assessment of conformism of SMS service with the necessities of ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2011
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