Medical Marijuana In Michigan – Your Complete Guide

If you have a medical reason for using marijuana and you happen to live in Michigan, this is the guide for you. Whether you are new to the state or a resident, this article has a lot of information. Want more details? Please continue reading about medical marijuana in Michigan.

Medical Marijuana

You may have heard of medical marijuana and wondered if it is legal in Michigan. The answer is yes! Medical marijuana is a drug that can be used to treat certain illnesses, including cancer and glaucoma. It also has other uses, such as reducing pain after surgeries or treating chronic pain from arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

Medical Marijuana

People with any of these conditions can use medical marijuana:

  • Cancer
  • HIV/AIDS (including AIDS wasting syndrome)
  • Multiple sclerosis

The State of Michigan

Michigan is a state in the Great Lakes region, home to over 10 million people and situated between Canada and Wisconsin. It’s also home to one of America’s most storied universities: the University of Michigan (UM).

The capital city of Lansing has been an important transportation hub for over 100 years; it was once known as “The Motor City” because it was home to many automobile manufacturers, such as General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Today, Lansing remains one of America’s largest manufacturing centers but also serves as headquarters for several Fortune 500 companies, including Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (NYSE: DGX), Steelcase Incorporated (NYSE: SCS), and DTE Energy Company d/b/a Consumers Power Company.

The State of Michigan’s Proposal

This is not a done deal. It’s yet to be a law. And it will be enforced in 2020 at the earliest, if ever. So while you may have heard some people talking about “The State of Michigan’s proposal” or “the state’s proposal for medical marijuana legalization,” don’t worry too much about what this means in your life right now—because it doesn’t mean anything!

Where to buy

In Michigan, you can buy medical marijuana from any of the following dispensaries:

  • Greenleaf Compassionate Caregivers in Pontiac
  • Cleveland Caregivers in Ann Arbor
  • Olive Tree Health Center in Jackson

What plants are legal

What plants are legal

The state of Michigan has a list of over 20 different plants that are legal to use for medical purposes, including the following:

  • Cannabis (both THC and CBD)
  • Hemp (the plant’s fibers)
  • Marijuana (the flowering tops)

How to make it

Now that you know how to make and store your marijuana, it’s time to get a recommendation from a doctor.

The first step is finding one who will write a recommendation. This can be done through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) website or by calling 1-800-462-7647.

Once you have your doctor’s written recommendation, take it with you when picking up your medical marijuana at one of these dispensaries:

  • The Michigan Compassionate Care Association (MCCA) in Lansing offers free transportation to patients with disabilities or limited mobility who need help getting around town.
  • Greenleaf Compassionate Caregivers sells certified organic products grown in soil free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals, including lemons used for cooking purposes; this dispensary also provides free transport service for patients unable to drive around Lansing because they don’t have their cars.

Health risks of marijuana use

Marijuana is not a healthy substance. It can cause heart attacks and other severe health conditions, including cancer, memory loss, and anxiety. The side effects of marijuana use include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Psychosis (a severe mental illness characterized by distorted thinking)

Where to get a doctor’s recommendation

If you want to use medical marijuana in Michigan, you can get a doctor’s recommendation at the following locations:

  • A clinic. Most clinics have a wide range of services and products available, so it’s best to check with the clinic or its website before going there.
  • A pharmacy. If your plan does not cover your prescription, many pharmacists can write an order for you—hopefully, this will also help save you money!
  • Your doctor’s office or hospital and other medical facilities like urgent care centers (UCs), walk-in clinics, and emergency rooms can issue prescriptions but usually don’t carry all types of products.


We know this topic is controversial, but discussing these issues openly and rationally is essential. Tempting as some may find this topic, marijuana is still a relatively new industry, and so there are many unknowns. We hope that our guide about medical marijuana in Michigan helps you to understand better what all the fuss is about.

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