Microwave Oven or OTG – Which One Should You Buy?

The Microwave Oven is perfect for quick cooking and reheating. This is why I love my microwave. I can quickly heat leftovers before I decide to throw them out!

However, there are advantages of an OTG as well. So, Microwave Oven or OTG, which is a better choice overall? The microwave oven proudly carries this “instant” cooking/baking tag. Instant dhoklas and instant idlis are all available. Phew!

Oven Toaster Grill Features (OTG)

otg oven 1This is the whole and sole (and soul) of baking. Baking. This oven was designed for baking, grilling, broiling, and toasting foods. The oven’s rotisserie function can be used to grill or make kebabs.

It is also believed that an OTG can make a perfect cake. You will find out why at the end of this post. An OTG can be used to make cookies, cakes, muffins and pizzas.

Microwave Oven or OTG? Which is better for your health?

OTG Oven 2Microwave Oven uses high-frequency electromagnetic radiation to cook food. This is why it has the ability to reheat and instantaneously cook. These high-frequency waves can cause radioactivity in food, which can lead to cancer.

The waves also destroy vitamins and nutrients in food, but this article reveals the contrary. It is up to you to make the decision. It takes longer to make thick slices of food because the waves don’t reach the insides of thick slices.

Baking and Cooking: Microwave Oven v/s OTG

A microwave oven is faster than an OTG when it comes to cooking. You can also use your microwave oven to grill or fry in low-oil oil. You can also use the auto-cook menu option in some microwave ovens to set cooking times and temperatures. OTGs do not have this feature. 

An OTG basically bakes/toasts/grills/broils food. OTGs does not allow for actual cooking. If this is something you are interested in, take a note.

The baking time for both appliances will be the same. The cooking time might vary. Also, once you know is Morphy Richards OTG good or not, you can decide on choosing the best model possible.

You Can Bake Pizza and Cakes in a Microwave Oven.

OTG Oven 3

Yes, you can. But only under one condition. The microwave oven should be able to emulate the same environment as an OTG.

That mode is called the Convection mode.

This mode allows you to bake cookies, cakes, pizzas, and bread. It can also be used in conjunction with an oven. This mode allows you to bake vegetables, fish, or baked snacks such as baked samosas.

A Solo Microwave Oven is one that does not have a convection function. A solo microwave oven cannot be used to bake or grill, but it can make instant mug cakes and biscuit cakes. These types of microwave ovens can be used for cooking or reheating a limited number of foods.

It is priced at the lowest end of the range. This microwave oven is a single-use unit that can be used for basic cooking or reheating foods.

Which One Is Better for Baking?

OTG Oven 5

It’s fascinating to see the differences between them. When a cake mould is placed in a microwave oven, it moves in a circular manner while baking. In an OTG, the apparatus does not move at all.

Is it any wonder that OTG is the best option for those who want to bake bread and cakes at home?

Oven Toaster Grills are great for those who cook or bake often.

You can bake in the microwave oven with convection mode, but this has a few flaws. Let’s look at the situation and give each microwave oven feature a plus or minus point in terms of ease of baking.

  1. The microwave cavity is limited in size, i.e. the microwave’s interior space. A decent-sized microwave such as this may allow you to bake a 9-inch or 10-inch cake. The microwave oven’s capacity will determine the size of the cake tin or bread mould that can be used. One minus point.
  2. You might buy a large microwave oven to fit large cake moulds, but it will also use more power. It uses more power than an Oven Toaster grill. If you use the microwave frequently, your electricity bill could go up. My friend, instant reheating of food can come at a cost! A microwave oven generally consumes more power than an OTG. This is a negative point.
  3. As I mentioned in point number 1, there is a limit to the size of the cake tin that you can fit inside. This means that you cannot bake more than one cake or two loaves at a time. One minus point.
  4. I stated at the beginning that OTGs are often thought to be better for baking.

Why? There are two reasons.

One is because it offers more temperature settings than a microwave. If you look at an oven panel, then you’ll see that it can be set to a wide range of temperatures. However, a microwave oven only offers 5-6 temperature settings.

It has two options to adjust the heat direction: The lower rod can be left on, the upper rod can be on or both. This can greatly affect the results of baking.

So? Again, a minus point.

A Microwave Oven received 4 minus points for baking, which is why most people prefer an OTG to bake at home.

Which Is a Better Choice Between a Microwave and an Otg Oven?

OTG Oven 4

It all depends on how much you bake and cook in your kitchen. Let’s look at a few examples to help you decide if an OTG or Microwave Oven is right for you.

What is the best time to buy an OTG?

Here are the situations when you shouldn’t buy a Microwave Oven. Getting an OTG is a better choice.

  1. You love baking at home. You love baking and plan to bake different kinds of cookies, cakes, pizzas, and buns at your home. Baking is your passion, and you can’t wait to bake the next one.
  2. Your goal is to open your own cake business as a side job, part-time or full-time venture in the future.
  3. It is rare that you reheat food, but it is possible to reheat food on the stovetop.

An OTG is the best choice for these scenarios. You should look for an OTG that suits your needs. This article will assist you in selecting an oven/OTG.

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What are the best times to buy a microwave oven?

Let’s now look at the situations when an OTG is not a wise choice and why a Microwave Oven is a better option.

  1. It is not a common thing to bake cookies/cakes often. It happens about 1-2 times per month or less.
  2. There is no plan to start your own cake business. You bake only for your family, and that’s just a few times per month.
  3. You can also reheat food almost every day.
  4. You can use the microwave oven for cooking food sometimes or as an alternative to cooking on the stovetop.
  5. You already know that the auto cook and advanced modes such as frying in a microwave oven without using more oil are more helpful in your daily life.

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