Mind-blowing Minecraft Illusions

Action should help out of touch those types. In this house that’s bigger on the inside and this well that’s just been crafting table obviously today we’re gonna be looking at the craziest illusions that are possible in Minecraft piercing and as the article goes on we’ll start off with a simple.

Brain twisters and build up to the real mind-bending stuff at the end of the video number one I did a bit of color to your house can go a long way and by that logic, this colorful contraption should help out of touch those the title says in this post it’s fairer for giving you a migraine.

The masterpiece

The masterpiece here you’ll notice the player lined up to block coal with a full scale build behind it which is not say for sure it was easy to admire the skill put in anyone could just as easily tell the star jelly beans just don’t match up suppressive none the less you’re the dark is pretty common in fear.

The unknown is even scarier which is why this might be such an ominous sightsee here we have the illusion of emptiness made up of building walls of only black concrete like so and the results look a lot more like the void actual board in the game like blade and sorcery mods.

I think this perfectly goes to show that we can see if it would more spooky than we can so if you’re looking for a new total for your next haunted house this might be the pick-up whole wheat.

Now we’ll map park into a lot of great things animation isn’t one of them and usually to get that effect.

We need to use an extensive and walk-read start to make it happen but with the solution focused on it, I’m sure you can notice the already in effect.

What’s happening

What’s happening here is that by trying to focus on the lines between the ovals the image starts to look wavy which is more than a little disorientating well it could be a great piece for the art gallery and as long as no one gets sick.

It’s well worth that figuring out how to start building your Minecraft dream home could be a real challenge when your house works as a fever dream then you might be on the right track at first glance all that’s visible is this tiny house.

But on the inside, you’ll see a much larger picture you see if we lay out the viewing angle just right from this entrance we can give the illusion of a much larger house inside the little shack.

Less convincing

Even if it becomes less convincing once we walk around on the right view it’s still a real site see now if you scroll through YouTube recommended you’ve likely seen the solution.

Show open the thumb now once or twice so let’s break down how. Works see what’s happening here is that if you please 3 C. lanterns like so on the corner of a room it’ll give the illusion of we’re rotating Q. and that’s a strange sight for almost any angle that you stare at it right now.

You know how it’s done and as long as your friends don’t this could still offer a solid practical joke put to use after a while playing with your friends you can get tough to impress them but build up a full.

Now the right beacon should do the trick though could not be another way to make that happen is actually tougher so instead, we want to make this happen for a fraction of the price well.

Using this method

Using this method we can make it seem like we’re the richest on the server when in fact we’re barely cutting that but as long as they don’t Snoop around the other side this should be fairly convincing and that could almost the respect they were looking for okay.

So you’ve probably heard of the headless horseman but what about the body listy CAF a place is known path walks we can throw pick inside a mine cart hop on and ride to the floor like so with all their head to poke out of the top of the path.

Which can either startle your friends or lens we’re just gonna soccer yeah whichever option you choose just make sure not to dismiss the pig wire down there.

Awkward situation

Otherwise, we’ll go from an awkward situation into something a lot more uncomfortable in the game into cubes convincing circles tough concepts but with a mix of cleverly placed there are blocks.

We can start to get a pattern like this and go a step further by using a mix of items ranging from porches we can use this, and to placing seemingly illegal decorations off the grid.

So we might have to trust the process to pull this off the end result is nothing short of mind-bending and if anything.

It’s just weird to finally place torches on the stair block just doesn’t look right so many in the community if the portal has some little white well to see and I’m sure many of us were disappointed to see it fail like this.

We tried but with bedrock, we made ourselves Lucia or at the very least a workaround apparently when utilizing water log stairs blocks like.

Strategically set up

So we can strategically set up some floating water inside the closed freight and then even after the break of the pistons and stairs the water main inside our new A. 3 portal just remember it’ll disappear once real of the world.

If you’ve ever felt like someone’s watching you you know it’s a creepy concept in this example should bring up the same feelings that seem to move. Had the I will track you like so or at least that’s what you think.

Because of some extra depth, the red circle moves along the black background for scary sight and we can see something similar with this guardian statue except here made use of a tunnel on MapR.

But even when you do know how they work it’s hard to say they’re not effective or at the very least on satellite women in the desert have its benefits lush greens just are one of them Encinas lease will bring here will D.

Saturates the bombs color map

Saturates the bombs color map or garden looks a little bland what would be your work for sale yes see we sure believe softens daily tree and place them down and another bio.

They don’t change color with the location maybe we can have the illusion of fresh trees growing right out in the desert it will your friends wonder why their oak trees look worse than yours well quite the ways just to see now.

But it turns out that’s just not a fate and rather this user took the time to fill out multiple maps of the surrounding area then stitch them together to make this which makes for a much cooler for the more reviews and that way.

Black Sea

Even if it looks like we’re way up in the clouds we can still experience all from the comfort of the ground floor Minecraft blocks come in one shape and size that is until the Black Sea by using distance.

With the clever stair step-like build, we can make it seem as if the block that we placed is actually quite small in this way we practically guarantee that your visitors to be left with the question mark as to how it works well.

Besides a prank, you might actually find yourself using this on a larger scale and really will leave the finer details of that 2 years.

What I will say is this could make for a real mind-bending entrance to your next base Don’t load screens are stable Minecraft and so commonplace that by this point no one is surprised by that but we can use that to our advantage taken after this user.

The response screen

We can make a giant version of the response screen or creative world it would help map part we can make this even more convincing then after replacing these down to spawn.

Anyone who responds to scenes yet another response screen when they least expect it let us watch from the sidelines into quite the laugh over doing yours or something that we still haven’t seen the ads-based game, yeah well we could use a modern there’s another.

The solution for Nola C. is this user shows if you make a mirrored version of our build like so in the place class the middle between the 2 we get that mere fact that we want it which is cool to see.

Even if it does take double the time belt though if you have one of them, and those might help to speed this up but even if it is a bird and make the results will go underappreciated.

Game of chess or checkers

We see a group like this your first instinct is probably a game of chess or checkers well that’s not what we’ll see today but instead we strategically place are crafting tables.

We can take after this user makes it seem like one is much bigger than the other which seems like nonsense at first but the way that we do this is that when you build these the squares must be to buy 2 for each one.

Then that way one craft table is placed on the ground the other can be placed 4 blocks into the air giving us the illusion the size fairly standard house is one that we’ve got our eye out or more appropriately.

It’s got its eye on us you see when you realize in a bit of death on the side of the roof and some black material here something of a fait starts to appear which is quite a surprise for sure.

We may not be able to see what’s happening from the front we can’t catch a bit of a smolder from the side and even if that doesn’t hold a candle to the rock himself could make purpose all real state ranking your friends were white passes are multiplayer server 20 guilty of that as well.

So to give them a run for their money I don’t hit them where it hurts their documents seen by using a few item frames and map or we create a pretty convincing diamond.


At least convincing to the side this is when you walk around to the other end and fake by that logic we can make just about any deep could walk in the game that we train up which offers quite the surprise.

If you ask me now as far as Microsoft concerned circles are a rare sight but once again the communities found a way to make that happen.

You see when placing down glazed terracotta circle like soap and filling in the corners of dire right we could see a perfect circle come out of the plant and Walton illusion that may take a second for you to see.

If you squint becomes quickly noticeable and that way we get both the circle and an abstract piece as well which is a win for both if you ask me you’re falling from great height water all-star pick for safety.

We can use that idea to our favor looking to get even with someone on the server this water allusion is a solid candidate to do so as a notice back in several custom maps of the water and sunlight.

Convincing spot

So we can make a convincing spot for them the land-only once they infer that total could you break their legs in a couple of items right and that should be a rude awakening for sure walking through walls sounds like quite the superpower to happen.

But do not without glitches should be impossible or was until this use discovery sees about using these immersive portals we can give off the illusion of walking through a solid near it will pull this off might require some prior knowledge of the modern question as long as you like the poor properly it out in the class.

You can still walkthroughs plant when you trade places with yourself and likely lead grew confused bystanders when you do which is well worth trying out trust me at first glance this may seem like just any other house.

We’ve been on the smaller side but otherwise nothing unusual with a closer look you can see that this isn’t some bad texture pack.

But rather it’s a super size scale model the real thing is to let me explain here the creator builds the pixel by pixel to recreate each block type within the house.

Then they copy and pasted their mega blocks to build something that looks like a regular house using skilled walks like this might be a tall order.


It’s definitely fun to see once it’s all laid out let’s face it this is another is not a fun time it’s hot it’s ugly and the locals aren’t exactly friendly.

So to get a taste of the second dimension from the comfort of the overworld it’s like after this here is a little light in the mother portal issues decided to make a picture frame out of it.

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