Most common myths about slot machine

Five most common slot machine myths

Slot machines games are most popular in both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. Slots are the games with various myths floating around, and superstitious people often fall prey to. It isn’t easy to know why it is. It may be because many people do not comprehend how slot machines work, or it might be because the game is purely luck based, and people have attached several myths based on what they have heard once(video slots). 

Despite the reasons why they occur, the facts remain that there are many misconceptions about this constantly repeated game. Here are some of the slot machine myths debunked – so that you don’t let them come in your way and spoil your fun.

Myth 1: Hot and cold streaks 

This is arguably the most common myth in the world of slot games. The belief is that some games will give better payouts on certain occasions because they are ‘hot’ and once they are ‘cold’ they will stop doing so. This misconception means that there is a tendency for the slots to pay off more that are manipulated by the player. However, this is not the way slot machines work. 

Slot machines have random number generators, which means that each spin is unexpected and unique. The previous spin does not affect the future spins. However, there might be a time when a player has a series of highly profitable spins. This is not because of the game becoming hot, but purely due to luck(video slots).

Myth 2: Sticking to a game will increase your winning chances 

Another popular misconception of slot88 games in the world. The belief behind this is to increase your chances of winning if you play for long hours. The other side of the myth is if you win big, there is no possibility that you will not win again of the same size. These ideas are baseless in themselves. In a random process, the result of every circumstance is unexpected. Each spin is entirely different from the last one and has no impact on the next. So, your probability of scoring a win or lose will remain the same on every spin, and only your fate can decide the result.

Myth 3: Time of day matters 

This misconception is usually observed in traditional casinos, but one does not need a large leap in logic to adapt it to virtual gambling as well. Many people, for example, tend to avoid playing the game on the weekend. As people mostly visit casinos on weekends, they might think the casino operators make the game tighter in order to pay out less at these times. 

Well, let me make it easy for you: time does not matter at all. There is no method to program slot machines to offer payouts at a particular period. They are controlled entirely by a software provider and come with an installed random number generator. So, there is no way that the casino tampers with the payouts and changes them as they wish. 

Myth 4: Slots are rigged 

The house always wins, correct? It is a general belief that the casinos are rigged to ensure that the players will always lose against the house. However, this is not true. People will not play at the casinos at all if they don’t have any winning chances. After all, nobody will like to bet their money for no return. 

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The fact is that some will win and some will lose; it depends totally on luck. So, you are never set up for a loss. As mentioned before, the game has RNGs that always produce random and different series of numbers every time you push a lever or spin the button. This ensures an extra payback percentage and offers an equal opportunity for every player to win.

Myth 5: Slots go tight after someone wins the jackpot 

There is a big misunderstanding among many players that if a slot has paid a gigantic progressive jackpot should not play instantly after because it goes “tight”. Although there is some strange logic behind this, the notion of personifying slot machines is laughable. Some might say that the machine seeks to counterbalance the jackpot and return to its average payout percentage by making wins less frequent. 

However, there is hardly any truth to this statement. Neither slot, nor dice, nor roulette wheels have memory. Therefore, slots never know that it has awarded someone a big jackpot. It is the RNG of the game that spits out the outcome randomly. Practically speaking, you might win a jackpot on the very next day after someone just collected it.

Myth 6: Temperature of the coins matters 

You would think that this fallacy is so strange that even any logical person will instantly show their scepticism. However, there are actually many slot players who believe this notion of being right. They think that the temperature of the coin they insert in the machine determines the result and their winning chances. This belief is so ludicrous that one cannot help but wonder how anyone can think about it. 

Interestingly, people with this idea will keep the coins in their palms to warm them up before putting them into the slit. However, others believe that an ice-cold coin leads to big wins. None of this is true. Your odds of winning will be the same regardless of the coin temperature. Most of the traditional slot machines don’t use coins anymore! They use slot coins and vouchers which are exchanged for cash when you finish playing.

Believing the misconception about the slots won’t do any good. In fact, doing so will make you feel crazy, frustrated, and angry. Understanding how the slot machines work will help you to see things logically and have a clear picture of playing the game.

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