Most delicious Ethiopian food recipes to try at home

Ethiopian cuisine is a fun and flavorful mix of every taste and texture you can imagine. Eating Ethiopian food is just about the experience. When we can’t travel to Ethiopia at any cause, we can search for other places to enjoy Ethiopian food items. Even you can try your hand at making some delicious and flavorful dishes at your own home. You can obtain that place right in your kitchen with these flavourful and tasty recipes.


Injera is a flatbread that’s a part eating spoon. This food is actually used as a spoon to dig up veggies and meat. The permeable texture makes this food item perfect addition to stirs and hashes. For the first time, this food might find to be spicy, bitter, and even barely sour. You will realize that injera is a perfect complement to the delicious dishes.


Discovering new street eats is a huge draw for the food vloggers. Most Ethiopian cuisine is quite formal. However, if you visit the country, the Ethiopian samosas are a common street food you all want to try for once a time. This food is a type of deep-fried pockets of dough. This Ethiopian food is actually filled with spiced lentils or seasoned ground beef.

Doro wat:

When it comes to Ethiopian food, the word “Wat” is one of the most common terms. This general term actually refers to a stew made with meats, vegetables, and spices. Therefore, Doro wat is the most popular of all types of wat. This Ethiopian dish combines hard-boiled eggs, chicken, garlic, ginger, tomato paste, onions, and other spices.


However, a typical Ethiopian breakfast is called Genfo. This food item is also known as Ga’at. This Ga’at Recipe is made up of a porridge made with wheat flour and barely. This breakfast item is served with a sauce made from niter kibbeh and berbere. You may like to present this dish as a mound with a mixture of butter and sauce in the center just for leaking purposes.

Beef Tibs:

You will need to try this spicy Ethiopian food item. This food item actually refers to various cuts of lamb or beef pan-fried in butter, garlic, and onion. This food can be hot or mild. Depending on the specific dish and restaurants, this dish may or may not come with veggies. You can enjoy the true ceremony of Ethiopian food in the best dramatic ways.

Kik Alicha:

If you don’t have a high tolerance to make delicious food, then try this best Ethiopian food that takes a small time and is also very flavorful in taste. Kik Alicha is a great option to save time and make a delicious food recipe. This Ethiopian dish contains niter kibbeh, split peas, and turmeric. This dish doesn’t include any of the spicy that give the dishes their signature kick.


In east Africa, Fuul is a popular food item made from stewed and spiced fava beans. Many Ethiopians eat this food for their breakfast. However, Fuul is traditionally served with an ongoing supply of fresh bread for eating and leaking. Moreover, a special Fuul is served with tomato, onion, egg, green chili, yogurt, and sometimes it is served with avocado.

Fried chicken sandwich:

Try this Ethiopian fried chicken sandwich at your home. In this food, chicken chunks in a rich tomato and onion sauce are ladled into a toasted bun. This Ethiopian chicken sandwich has a unique and flavorful taste similar to jimmy johns menu which offers the most delicious and flavourful sandwich. This food recipe is easier than you think to make. Try this recipe at your home. So, this food item always needs succulent chicken every time.

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