Most Important Factors That Determine Your Moving Costs

Are you surprised about the high moving prices of the packers and movers? Well, then you are not alone. Many people turn to DIY moves because of the incredibly high moving costs.

But you don’t know what things make up the total price of your moving process. Well, there are many factors the movers consider while quoting their prices.

The moving cost goes high and low on the basis of these factors. Here are a few factors that affect your shifting prices:-

The Distance of Your Relocation

Distance is a major factor that affects your relocation costs. The packers and movers take the distance of the move into consideration while estimating their prices.

The distance between points A to B is calculated. Once the calculation is over, the movers estimate the prices on the basis of your distance.

If the distance is short, your moving cost will be low. However, in the case of longer distances, you will have to pay more.

Type of Moving Vehicle

Your packers and movers cost also depends on the moving vehicle type you choose. If you select a small truck then you’re moving cost will be less. However, choosing the big truck will cost you more than the small truck.

So, you need to decide whether you require a small truck or not. If your goods are less, then choose the small truck. But if you have more goods, then choosing a big truck will be good.

The volume of Your Products

The packers and movers also consider your consignment to quote their costs. If your consignment is big, then you need to pay extra to your mover.

But if your goods are less, then you’re moving costs would be less. The movers also consider the weight of your goods to determine the prices.

Time As Well As Season

You would be surprised to know that the movers quote different prices in different seasons. There are peak and offseasons in the moving industry.

In general, the peak season of relocation is the summer season and the off-season is winter. However, you can find price differences in these two seasons.

The moving prices in the peak season are high. However, the off-season is affordable to you.

Sometimes, the sudden change in the weather also increases your moving price.

So, you should check the weather before shifting to any location. If you monitor the weather carefully, you will save yourself from paying the extra cost to your movers.

Type of Truck Service

You can opt for a shared truck or a dedicated truck. Both these truck services have different costs. Shared truck services will be affordable for you.

But a shared truck takes more time to deliver your goods. The reason is that it delivers the products to multiple customers.

However, if you choose the dedicated truck, you will have to pay more money to your moving company. But the benefit is that you will get your products within a short time.

Storage Services

The storage services also affect the cost of your move. This is not a mandatory service. These services are required when you need to store your precious goods.

Many people feel the need of availing storage services. So, you have to pay more if you require these services.

Hidden Costs

Some movers charge hidden costs from you. The most surprising thing is that you are not aware of these prices when you hire your movers.

They come to know about these prices when the movers add them to your total bill. So, you should be more careful of these hidden costs before choosing your movers.

Make sure to ask your mover about these hidden costs before choosing them. Don’t choose the mover who is charging hidden prices from you.

The Cost of Packing Supplies

The packers and movers use high-quality packing supplies to pack your goods. The costs of these packing supplies are extremely high. These costs are added to your moving cost.

Some of the high-quality packing supplies the movers use are:-

  • Packing Tape
  • Box Dividers
  • Packing Paper
  • Labels & Markers
  • Bubble Wrap, etc.

You can easily cut these moving costs after discussing them with your movers. It is advisable to pack your stuff on your own.

This will help you reduce your packing costs. You can find the boxes and other items that are commonly seen in your home.

Moving Insurance

Your moving insurance is another factor that determines your shifting costs. You can choose two kinds of moving insurance.

The first one is the transit insurance that covers your goods during the move. The other insurance is all-inclusive insurance. This moving insurance covers your products throughout your relocation.

Other Costs

There may be a bunch of other costs you need to pay during your moving process. You need to purchase cleaning materials if you want to clean your home before leaving it.

The people who are living on rent must clean their homes before leaving them. They may have difficulties in getting their security back without cleaning their homes.

So, you need to spend on this. Also, it will create a good impression on the new homeowner if you clean your house.

You can also hire cleaning professionals. However, you need to pay that person for this work. Make sure to get your friends’ help if you have pets and children to look after. A few things on which you have to spend are appraisal fees, rental deposits, fees, etc.

So, it would be best to create a moving checklist and also your total budget. This will help you in knowing where you have to spend during your move. Also, you can save some amount of money if it is possible.

You can also manage your unexpected costs by maintaining a good budget.


There can be other factors that packers and movers Hyderabad to Chennai consider while offering you their quotes.

However, if you understand the above factors only, you will be able to minimize your moving costs. You can easily estimate your moving costs after knowing about these factors.

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