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Most Luxurious Apartments Worldwide

In recent years, luxury penthouses built especially in urban areas have played a big part in the real estate market. The market is so active that while you are reading these lines, someone may have bought these flats. Most of these luxury houses, which we can see in different residential areas of the world, are located in different states of the USA.

In addition to the very luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, these penthouses also have breathtaking views. Constructed in an area stretching from New York and Miami to Chicago, all of these luxury floors offer facilities that will raise the living standards of their owners and astonishing activities according to the taste of their users. The floors fascinate everyone with their appearance; With its spacious and magnificent interior design and magnificent suites, it more than meets all the requirements of modern life. Despite the “mortgage crisis” that swept the US real estate market and was the cause of the collapse, sales of timeshare penthouses continued at a steady pace.

We have prepared a list of the most expensive penthouses in the world for you, our dear readers. Here are the luxurious and magnificent floors that you will admire:

Oaks Loft is located at 10 Bunhead.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

List price: $1.35M

Located northeast of Atlanta, this penthouse is one of the most expensive homes, with a list price of $1.35 million. Built-in 1992, this apartment has four bedrooms, three large and a mini-bathroom. Thanks to its strategic location, the penthouse is designed to see the Atlanta skyline at a 180-degree angle, and both floors are decorated with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The floor of the house is decorated with stone and a parquet. The bathroom in the main bedroom has a high-tech sound system. Spread over ​​886 m2, this luxury house has a kitchen designed for delicious tastes. It is impossible not to admire this luxury house’s facilities and enviable comfort.

9 W Hollywood Residences

Location: Los Angeles, California

List Price: $2.16 Million

This ultra-luxury W Hollywood residence is making a name for itself with a list price of $2.12 million. Hollywood houses built on ​​572 m2 are like collectors’ items that summarize a luxurious lifestyle. The most striking feature of W Hollywood Residences is the magnificent penthouse on the 15th floor. The most admired features of this loft are its lush green lawns and areas where the inhabitants can easily roam their friendly creatures. The luxurious, elegant and aesthetic loft leaves an indispensable feeling for its guests. The villa also has an observation room with an LCD projector with 3D viewing capability. In addition, this viewing room is designed for devices such as Apple, iPad, iPhones, laptops, DVDs and Blu-Ray.

8 3505 Turtle Creek Boulevard

Location: Dallas, Texas

List Price: $4 Million

Located in Dallas, this luxury penthouse is among the most expensive apartments in the real estate market. The luxury apartments for sale in Islamabad, worth 4 million dollars, built on an area of ​​1931 m2, has a flashy living space. The two-story apartment built in Texas has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. The apartment offers separate bathrooms for men and women in the main bedroom. In addition, this magnificent bedroom is decorated with a large walk-in closet. Seven terraced floors offer the chance to take in stunning Dallas skyline views. In addition, the luxury floor has a wine cellar, a dining room, an elevator and a state-of-the-art kitchen equipped with the most modern appliances.

7 A Rooftop Located at 925 Lincoln Street

Location: Denver, Colorado

List Price: $4.9 Million

Located on 925 Lincoln Street in Denver, this penthouse offers its owners a high standard of living. Built-in 2001, this luxury apartment is one of the most expensive penthouses available for sale, priced at $4.9 million. Built on an area of ​​2652 m2, this luxury house has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. There are also four suite bedrooms, two kitchens, two offices and a dining room. In addition, the floor and built-in wardrobes of the apartment are made of wooden Brazilian veneer. The garage and cinema room with a capacity of six luxury cars is enough to envy those who see it. This penthouse is located on the 15th floor. There is also an apartment attendant on the floor who ensures that its users can benefit from special services and security services. Those who look from the floor’s terrace see the entire city of Denver under their feet.

Number 6 2900 McKinnon Street #3002

Location: Dallas, Texas

List Price: $5 Million

Dallas – A luxury penthouse located at 2900 McKinnon street… It was put up for sale by Trulia Real Estate with a list price of 5 million dollars. This luxury penthouse for sale is a two-story structure with stunning Dallas views at your feet. The house, built on ​​17390 m2 in 2005, has a usable luxury area of ​​1538 m2. This luxury home has three bedrooms, a bathroom, and four separate bathrooms. The house, whose windows are designed to extend from floor to ceiling, has a kitchen decorated with unique cabinets. Its terrace has a private swimming pool, spa, shower and a luxury bathroom. To make it easy to go up to the terrace, the designers have also installed an elevator here. This luxurious and expensive Dallas apartment is everyone’s dream, with a full-size movie screen and a fun terrace.

Number 5 21 East Huron Street #4501

Location: Chicago, Illinois

List Price: $8.9 Million

This luxury penthouse in Chicago has a list price of $8.9 million. Offering a large living area of ​​1828 m2, this luxury penthouse was built in 2005. It has three bedrooms, three large and a mini-bathroom. The view of the two terraces, each 304 m2, offers its users a breathtaking 360-degree view. The floor is made of exotic wood, and the upholstery is made of a rare particular textile fabric. On this luxury floor with an electronic and automation system, a 1500-bottle wine cellar fascinates the guests. There is also a mini golf course on the rooftop terrace. This floor, which is the visible face of luxury and splendour, also has a luxury car garage.

Number 4 10800 Wilshire Boulevard #2301

Location: Los Angeles, California

List Price: $12 Million

Located on Los Angeles’ most prestigious boulevard, this penthouse has a luxurious usage area of ​​1975 square meters. Completed in 2005, this penthouse stands out with its $12 million costs. This elegant loft, opulent from every corner, has four bedrooms, each with a bathroom and a private bathroom designed for communal use. Offering breathtaking ocean views, this luxury penthouse is the favourite hangout of Wilshire streets. This two-floor residence has large balconies, and the floor’s walls are made entirely of glass. This luxury home with a spiral staircase is furnished with fibre optic chandeliers. Inside the luxury house, there is also the main bedroom with a separate and specially designed bathroom for men and women.

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3 Icon A Loft Located In South Beach

Location: Miami, Florida

Listed Price: $19 Million

This luxury penthouse was built in Icon South Beach. It was sold for $19 million with a luxury usage area of ​​4652 m2. Offering stunning Miami Bay views, this loft has four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. This luxury loft is adorned with double-decker glass walls, eye-catching design, marbles and steel spiral staircases. The stairs of this luxury loft, interior designed by Philippe Starck, are finished with special lighting. The large kitchen, also designed by Stark, has stainless steel cabinets and high-tech kitchen appliances. The most eye-catching feature of the house, where a flat-screen TV unit is used, is the illumination of the materials and decorations with light effects.

2 A Loft Located at 535 West End Avenu

Location: New York

List Price: $37.5 Million

Located in the elite district of 535 West End Avenue, this luxury penthouse is valued at $37.5 million and is considered the best of the 20 high-end apartments sold in Manhattan. Owned by Gary Barnett, President of Extell Development, this 3-storey flat includes 4267 m2 of luxury usage area. The second “most expensive penthouse” on the list, this apartment has undergone some deformations since it was built before the war. Today, it has been restored to its original form. The terrace of this magnificent house with 13 bathrooms and nine bedrooms has a vast area of ​​731.5 m2. It offers an open kitchen and an eye-catching fireplace environment to its guests on its terrace.

1 Attic Located in the Time Warner Building

Location: New York

List Price: $44.95 Million

This penthouse you see is at the top of the list with a value of $ 44.95 million. The ultra-luxury penthouse located on the 75th floor of the New York Time Warner building has made its mark on the real estate world by making a name for itself. This luxurious penthouse, which everyone looks up to, is owned by Anna Anisimova, the daughter of Russian businessman Vasily Anissimov and an actress.

This loft has nine bedrooms, six large and a mini-bathroom. The highest quality marble material was used in the construction of the bathrooms. In its 1326 m2 comfortable usable area, there is a giant movie theatre, an extensive suite bedroom and a wood-panelled library. Part of Anissimova’s luxury penthouse was designed for a movie theatre. There are also two ultra-luxurious kitchens in this section. The kitchens are equipped with stainless steel appliances, and the wooden cabinets in the kitchen are decorated with verbena embroidery.

A stereo sound system is installed throughout the house. Another house feature is the Creston system that electronically manages the window movements. Each room of this luxury penthouse has a TV and iPod dock, and it has been thought to benefit from all the possibilities of technology by installing an audio-visual sound system controlled by a touch screen.

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