Most used check valves for water applications

For any system, check valves are considered important be it household items or water transmission systems. Check valves are the most critical devices which guarantee users proper system operation and help in the efficient prevention of reverse backflow of water. Check valves can also ward off damage to your systems. There are different types of check valves which are designed for particular applications. You can continue reading this blog to learn and explore a lot more about check valves.

What are check valves?

Piping engineers must know the importance of check valves. These valves are the fluid control devices which help in restricting the fluid flow in the piping system only in one direction. It defines that check valves play different types of roles in numerous industries. Check valves are also well known as backflow preventers, non-return valves, and one-way valves. So if you want to avoid fluid flowing back upstream, use check valves.

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What are the different types of check valves mostly used?

Select the right check valve for your requirements. These are some of the most common types of check valves used along with their applications. Have a look:

  1. Swing check valves

Swing check valves have a simple design and discs are attached to the hinges. When fluid moves through the swing check valve, it stays open. When the reverse fluid flow happens, motion changes and gravity aids in bringing down the disc and closing the disc. Swing check valves are most commonly used in the prevention of flooding in sewage systems. Get in touch with a reputed supplier of check valves in the UAE.

  1. Stop check valves

Stop check valves are used for various applications and are constructed to stop, start and also regulate the fluid flow and help in preventing backflow. If the pressure is extremely low, stop check valves automatically close in order to avoid reverse backflow and it results in the prevention of backflow.

  1. Ball check valves

Ball check valves are one of the most common types of check valves that have a spherical ball located inside the valves’ body which helps in controlling the fluid flow direction in systems and pipes. The ball freely rotates when media moves through this system and it creates a wiping motion. You can find ball valves for various metering pumps, dispenser spigots etc.


So now you must be clear about selecting the right type of check valve for your particular applications. Before purchasing any of these valves, weigh the pros and cons of them. Contact one of the trusted providers of check valves in the Middle East and GCC region.

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