Mother’s Day Birdhouse Card

Mother’s Day Birdhouse Card

Moms have a certain method of making a house a house. We created this super cute birdhouse card for Mother’s Day with that sentiment. Kids will have so much fun making these beautiful Mother’s Day cards, and mom, grandma, and loved ones will feel extra special when they receive them.

These birdhouse cards are not only adorable, but they’re easy to make for preschoolers and kids of all ages with the help of our card template. All you need is cardstock, craft sticks, and a few other simple craft supplies, and you’ll have some pretty homemade cards created in no time for Mother’s Day. 

Birdhouse Card Idea for Mother’s Day

My favorite part of this colorful card is when you open it up and see a mother bird nesting with her baby. The added heart and bird heart wings on the front of the card are also a fun way to add a little more love to the card. We know that every family dynamic is different, so our craft template includes options to personalize your card in many different ways. There are options for Mom, Grandma, and a blank id card for kids to write the name of their choice. 

We also have two messages on the inside of the card: “You make our house a home!” or “Happy Mother’s Day!” Read our step-by-step tutorial below to see how easy it is to make a birdhouse card. We also have a video tutorial within this post that you may find helpful to watch before you begin.

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How to make your Birdhouse card

Step 1

Before you begin, download the birdhouse card template—print the template birdhouse page on colored cardstock.

Step 2

Fold the porter in half along the dotted stripe. Then use scissors to cut the card into a birdhouse shape.

Step 3

Print the second page of the card template. The page has a few options on the front and inside the card, depending on who you’re making your card for.

Step 4

Cut out the different pieces of the template. Use the bird and large heart pieces as a template to trace the pieces onto colored construction paper. We used black for the birdhouse hole and chose various colors for our birds. You will also need to cut small triangles out of orange construction paper for the beaks of your birds.

step 5

Glue the heart from the hole in the birdhouse to the front of the Mother’s Day card. Then stick the mom, grandmother, or blank card label on the front of the card. We include a blank label so the card can be personalized however you need it. You can also omit the name tag from the front of the card.

step 6

Open the card. Choose which message you want to include on the inside of the card and use a glue stick to stick it inside the card.

step 7

Glue the mommy and kid bird shapes inside the card, so they face each other. Then glue the bird’s wings, beaks, and googly eyes onto each of the birds.

step 8

Close the card. Add a line of tacky glue along the bottom of the birdhouse and place a craft stick over it.

step 9

Add a line of goo along the roof of the cardboard birdhouse and place craft sticks on top. One of the craft sticks should overlap the end of the other at the top of the birdhouse. Let the glue dry completely before handling the card. For added fun, kids can decorate their Mother’s Day cards with stickers. Our flower stickers come from Oriental Trading’s Mother’s Day self-adhesive shapes pack. There are various stickers in the pack that kids can use to decorate their cards.

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