My Percentage Is Less Than 90% Can Apply to Australia University?

My Percentage Is Less Than 90% Can Apply to Australia University?

Yes! You may. Australia is praised for its world-class infrastructure and narrowly focused educational system. Due to its excellent living standards and relatively low costs, it draws many international students. Due to these reasons, Australian higher education is one of the best options for students pursuing further education overseas. The degrees earned in the nation are respected worldwide, and the student support services are outstanding above others. As a result, companies worldwide strongly demand graduates from Australian institutions.

Depending on the higher education institution or VET (vocational education and training) provider, there may be differences in overseas students’ qualifying requirements and admissions processes. Students who already know the educational institution they want to attend and the qualification levels they want to achieve can go online to that school’s website to discover more about their eligibility requirements and the admissions processes for their chosen programme of study.

You can, however, review the qualifying criteria and admissions processes used in Australia. All overseas students who want to pursue a VET certification or a higher education qualification in Australia will find it helpful as a general guideline. And this research is done by our essay writing help expert eddie broke.

Acceptance to an Australian University

  • Candidates must have received 60 per cent or above on their class XII test to be admitted to diploma-level courses.
  • Students must have earned at least 65 per cent or higher in class XII to be admitted to Bachelor’s programmes.
  • In contrast, students seeking to Australian universities for master’s admission must have the following qualifications:
  • Nearly all Australian universities recognise the 3-year graduation system for admittance into most postgraduate programmes.
  • For instance, an Australian Bachelor’s (Ordinary) Degree with a 12-year education is equal to an Indian bachelor’s degree such as a B.A., B.Com. or B.Sc. (ordinary).
  • However, some programmes and universities may require a qualification that is equivalent to the Australian Bachelor (Honours) Degree, which calls for 16 years of formal education, which would entail an additional year of study after graduation or a four-year degree programme like the Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology, among other programmes.
  • Robust first degree from a renowned institution, or its equivalent, is required for admission to most universities.

Academic prerequisites

In the application, you must include information about your education, including the course titles you took and your scores. Students seeking admission must present an official transcript from each institution or university they attended after high school, including all their courses, the credits they earned, and any other information such as correspondence courses, diplomas, etc. The following should be submitted in certified copy form:

  • Mark sheets for standards X and XII are available.
  • A provisional certificate with a mark sheet or a bachelor’s degree.

To be included with the certified copies of the originals, transcripts and other pertinent documents that are not in English must be translated into English (certified by a person or agency recognised by the law or government of that country). Read more blogs.

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