Office cleaning: How to clean buildings?

Cleaning buildings is a task that requires time and dedication. Cleaning methods must be adapted according to the type of surfaces

Cleaning buildings is a task that requires time and dedication. Cleaning methods must be adapted according to the type of surfaces, frequency of use, or state in which we find them. Many people pass through this type of space regularly and it is normal for we do not carry more dirt to accumulate if proper cleaning is out. In this post, we tell you how to carry out professional cleaning of buildings.

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 How to maintain a correct cleaning of buildings

Maintaining constant cleaning is essential for optimal conservation of buildings and preventing future damage. We tell you what the basic tasks are for the correct general cleaning of buildings.

Cleaning products for buildings

For cleaning tasks, it is necessary to use a series of products for proper hygiene and disinfection. These types of products can be very polluting, so it is very important to choose products that are low in chemical emissions. In addition, we must take it into account that specific products will be necessary for the different areas:

  • For bathrooms and toilets, anti-limescale products, soft scouring pads that do not scratch the surface, and disinfectant products are necessary.
  • On floors and pavements, we must consider the type of material. To avoid buying a multitude of products, a floor mop with a neutral PH is ideal for any type of surface. To complete the cleaning, you will need a broom or vacuum cleaner, a cotton mop, and a mop and bucket.
  • For tables, shelves, and other furniture, a microfiber cloth with a multi-surface cleaner.

 Dust control

In buildings, dust and dirt accumulate quickly on visible surfaces, which is why it is very important to maintain daily cleaning. Apart from thorough cleaning, which is carried out more sporadically in grilles or ventilation systems, where dust also accumulates.

 Humidity control

It is very important to maintain control and surveillance of leaks and humidity because they could lead to the appearance of mold. Mold spoils infected surfaces and grows uncontrollably. It is necessary to look for signs of moisture to prevent the appearance of stains on surfaces.

 Keys to cleaning buildings

The cleaning of buildings and offices requires more work than that of a private home. The rooms are larger and cleaning tasks require specialized treatment.

It is very common for this type of work to follow a schedule so as not to leave any corner uncleaned. The cleaning needs in buildings may vary if events are held or if we expected a greater influx of people at a specific time. But the cleaning processes follow a few guidelines.

Buildings have very large surfaces and it is necessary to adapt to the different spaces to guarantee proper cleaning. Besides the most obvious elements such as floors, furniture, and surfaces, there are other elements to clean such as the interiors of elevators, roof terraces, light walls, stairs, windows…

 Stair cleaning

The stairs are the place of passage between the street and the building. Because of the continuous traffic of people, the dirt that accumulates in these areas is greater, and therefore cleaning should be done daily: remove dust and large dirt with a broom, vacuum cleaner, or soft brush, scrub the surface and clean the railing.

 The elevators

For the same reason as the stairs, the elevator is one of the busiest areas of buildings. We must clean them daily: floor, mirror and walls, and buttons. Improper cleaning of this room could cause breakdowns or malfunctions if dirt accumulates on the buttons or door rails.

 Facade cleaning

The facades are elements that are outside and, therefore, are in constant contact with external factors that can cause dirt. It is necessary to keep the facade clean and in good condition to avoid deterioration of the internal structure.

 Why choose a professional building cleaning

Many companies and owners of buildings and offices outsource cleaning services for the advantages that it entails. In many cases because of the important of keeping spaces clean and tidy for customers and employees. In many other cases, because of the experience of professional cleaning companies and the quality of the services.

Hiring a cleaning company for buildings is a key factor in guaranteeing hygiene. The technology available to specialized cleaning companies and their knowledge is one of the main reasons customers choose this option. Besides the fact that the cleaning of some elements, such as windows or facades, is dangerous and requires training and risk prevention, we should leave it in the hands of professionals.

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we offer personalized cleaning and maintenance services tailored to the needs of each client. Cover many businesses, offices, and buildings and guarantee the utmost professionalism so that all spaces are always in perfect condition. We have professional teams, extensive experience in environmental hygiene, personalized hygiene plans… We offer a service without products that are harmful to health, only with sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

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