Online 3d Animation Video Creation Techniques

These days, 3D animated videos are popular. The cartoons and videos we see are all made in the animated version. Each day more people are becoming aware of it. Hiring 3d animation makers online is becoming the norm nowadays. Everyone enjoys watching 3D animation videos, from children to even adults. But if you had to ask, how are they made? Here is the answer, but first, let’s understand what exactly an animated video is.

Amazing animated videos can be produced with the aid of animation software.

Software for 3D animation is created using a variety of techniques, including texturing, lighting, and rendering. Just one tool, the 3D programs offer a broad range of textures, modeling lighting, animation, and post-processing capabilities. Animation software offers cross-platform flexibility and a closely linked workflow.

What Is Video Animation?

Video animation is a method of creating a video by adding motion to still images. Animated videos range from 1 second GIFs of him to full-length animated movies.

How Can I Create Animated Videos?

The easiest way to create custom animation videos is with an online video animation maker. Creating animations from scratch is complicated and expensive. A good animated movie maker app gives you access to professional animations split into small scenes. Organize these scenes any way you like, then add your on-screen text, background music, or narration.

How Can I Make An Animated Movie?

With our online anime video maker, you can create anime professionally ready-made character animations. Start with a template or build short scenes into larger animations. If you create your scenes, don’t forget to add scene transitions and background music tracks.

Choose a Target for Your Video Animation

The starting point for any animated video is deciding what you want to achieve. Promote your products or engage your audience on social media. Another option is to describe your business on your website. Whatever the purpose of your animated video is don’t forget to keep your eyes on your target market.

What Is The Best Animated Video Maker?

When asked to choose the best-animated video maker, you can find many software, but in general, you should choose an online animation video maker with smart editing tools. You’re not a video creator by profession, so you need a platform to do most of the work for you. Point-and-click editing and customizable animations are a must.

We’ll explain how to make an animated video in this tutorial. Let’s get going!

Steps To Create 3D Animation Video Online.

Making a suitable environment is the step: 1

In this illustration, a stage, two curtains, and a character are present. We’ll include animation and sound camera movement. For this example, we’ll employ backdrops, textures, and other resources to keep your project structured; you must first establish folders.

Open the application next to set up the environment you’ve chosen. As an illustration, we use two planes to construct a stage and position our character in the middle. As a result, you will need to utilize an animated character. Additionally, you will need to add two distinct textures.

Add a plane by selecting Add>Plane from the bottom menu. You can spin one plane as a back wall while adding two planes to your viewport. Its size and position can be changed to suit your needs.

Add two more texture photos now. Verily that image as planes is enabled in the user settings. Use the hierarchy materials section to add texture. We’ll need a wood texture for the stage and a red curtain texture for the curtains in this case.

Adding lighting and HDR in step: 2

Lighting is one of the most important instruments in producing quality 3D animation. If your lighting is poor, your projects and photo won’t render correctly. We are going to install a 3-point lamp here.

Use three spotlight lamps for HDR illumination and enhanced color effects. A scene appears brighter and more lifelike when HDR lighting is used.

Although pricey. HDR maps are worthwhile. They give a scene clarity and brightness. You must select the globe icon and an environment texture of your choosing in order to add an HDR. You must click on open under the color section before you can view the hdr file.


Adding Your Character in Step 3

You must pick file>import, important character into your scene, and then import the character you have chosen to add animation to. By choosing all of the characters bones in objects mode, you can move the character.

To select everything, press twice on the keyboard. Let’s now switch to the animation view.

It is important to space out the essential frames when making an animation correctly. More and more separation will result in seamless animation.

Right before the audio begins, we are moving our character’s head and opening his mouth a little. Add two photos as two planes to add curtains.

Step 4: Moving Our Camera

In the animation menu, you can set up your views to be side by side. Simply turn on the camera and set the keyframe. You can bring the camera up near the subject, set the keyframe, and then move it away from the subject to set it once more.

Fifth Step: Adding Text Let’s add some text now.

Text animation and addition are fairly simple. Go to the default Window> Add> Text and then select Edit to change or duplicate the text or add various other features. Text is an object in its own right. With the software, animations can be customized in color, texture, and animation style.

Rendering Your Video in Step Six

Here’s how to render your videos successfully. An animation rendering entails preserving the still pictures that are present in your video. Render your scenes as PNG files and create a separate folder for your photographs.

Lower the bounces to min 1 & max 10. Uncheck reflecting and refractive Caustics. Render with your GPU. Check Settings > System to see which one is currently selected.

Additionally, you can employ multiple importance sampling by selecting this choice from the HDR world icon. Additionally, it would help if you employ the indirect clamp. All computers work differently, and most situations are singular.

Seventh step: Exporting your video

There is a window for properties in the viewport of the video editing tool. The export folder and frame rate options are both shown in the window.

You can choose to use H264, which has an AVI codec, 必利勁
in the output choice. For audio, you can alternatively utilize the MP3 format. After that, simply select “render” to quickly receive your finished video.


The 3D animation software’s has many features and functions that will take some time for users to get used to at first. However, if you understand how this works, you’ll enjoy the entire process of making your 3D animation video. Take a peek at the many 3D animation programs available in different software.

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